Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Shannon is gone I heard, she's drifting out to sea
She always loved to swim away
Maybe she'll find an island with a shady tree
Just like the one in our backyard

how many more dogs have to go over the Douglas Preserve cliffs before we bring change to Santa Barbara????

the lady in red is scatchin' her ass!!

dog people, I know you love your dogs more than anything...you love them and if you ask me, it's a bit odd how much you love your dogs...I mean, it's a dog for pity sake!!

and lately I've seen more and more stories about people walking their dogs then the next thing you know the dog and owner are stuck somewhere..on the bluffs on the side of a cliff...hiking up on the trails they end up tumbling down the hill and that necessitates calling the city or county rescue personnel to come rescue the person and the dog...

I've seen guys in their twenties walking dogs and they look like wussies....they walk their dogs on the bluffs, then they get stuck! talk about helpless!! you guys are the future of our great country, the USA..how long do you think it will take ISIS to attack if all the American guys are dog-walking wussies?? little zombie robots whose only concern in life is the welfare of their dogs!! geez talk about some fucked up priorites!! these folks thing dogs are some sort of status symbol..well I got news for you: no they aren't!! your low self-esteem is not your dog's problem and for that matter, it's not my problem!!! until you fall off  a cliff and use my tax dough to save you


but if you get a dog, get a smart one like Toto...he was his own dog..loyal to Dorothy but still his own man..and he saved her in the end! Toto was smart..and awful cute

but some dogs today are dumb..they wouldn't know a semi-final from a semi-trailer! when you walk on the beach next to the train tracks, there's a high possiblity the dog will run into the path of the train and get hit..that's known as physics so you shouldn't run after and try to rescue the dog, for you too will surely die...would you die for your dog???

I shudder to think of the answer because it's probably "yes"...

that's the kind of question you'd get from a girl in her twenties "will you die for me?" and naturally you'd say "yes" to get some sex..

but pretty girls like to walk their dogs too so that's ok..."pet the dog, pet the girl" I always say

but what does a guy get from a dog? companionship? nobody could possibly be that lonely..the dog wants food and that's about it...he doesn't really care about you..

if he did, he'd rescue you from the cliff you just fell over!

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