Saturday, February 13, 2016

why do people lie??

tell me why people lie

ok so The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to pull a fast one by "delisting the Channel Island fox and "improving" the status of the Santa Catalina foxes...

ughhh....this was an attempt to get more tourists to see the foxes..they have even developed the islands with little tourist cabins..come see the cute l'il foxes!! total scam


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW) announced a proposal to delist three subspecies of island fox native to California's Channel Islands due to thriving populations. If the proposal is approved, it will be the fastest successful recovery for any Endangered Species Act-listed mammal in the U.S.

The removal of the San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Island fox subspecies from the Federal List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife would be a historic success.

The USFW is also proposing to improve the status of island foxes on Santa Catalina Island from endangered to threatened.

(Source: Ventura Fish and Wildife Office)


now I've been through this one hunnerd times but these people, the National Parks Service, the Nature Conspiracy and the USFW invented a problem and created a solution by 'restoring' the Channel Islands....and people fell for it!!

but in reality, there were no issues with the foxes that would indicate extinction... and the NPS stole the islands from some ranchers...and they killed thousands of animals by shooting them from helicopters!! they employed some hippie biologists and a fat parks superintendent and "saved" the inbred Channel Island foxes...but from what??

next, they put out many press releases congratulating themselves on their success..but it's all bullshit...these folks are patting themselves on the back but should be arrested for animal abuse..where was  PETA or the US Humane Society or #69 when all the killing was going on?

*Tim Setnica the former superintendent of the Channel Islands Nationals park admitted in an article to the Santa Barbara Independent that the studies tying the decline of the fox to wild pigs was a cooked study designed to get funding.

* The remaining deer and elk will be killed, gunned down by helicopter.... "The non-native deer and elk are a species of hoofed animal that didn't evolve in the island environment, and they are known to do harm to the natural and cultural resources," Menard said. However, when asked to provide examples, Menard said she'd "rather at this point, not." ... "Personally, i think that's incorrect," he said. [Will Wooley, great grandson of original island owner] "These animals have lived here for over 100 years. At some point, I don't get why they don't get to call this place home."

plenty of examples of the propaganda from the NPS..and the Nature Con..these people are so full of shit it makes my head spin!!

but these new foxes are the results of captive breeding, radio collars, and distemper shots..the wild has been restored out of them..they are constantly being monitored, live in a controlled environment and now there's an overpopulation!! they're like rats!! and then you kow what will happen..the biologists will be able to kill the foxes to control the population!!

just like the wolves: Once wolves are removed from the list of threatened and endangered species, owners of livestock, guard animals, or domestic animals may shoot or destroy wolves that pose an immediate threat to their animals, on property they own or lease in accordance with local statutes.

"Immediate threat" means the observed behavior of a wolf in the act of stalking, attacking, or killing livestock, a guard animal, or a domestic pet under the supervision of the owner.

Additionally, the owner of a domestic pet may shoot or destroy a wolf posing an immediate threat on any property, as long as the owner is supervising the pet.

so they killed the pigs and golden eagles to save the retard foxes, now there's too many foxes so they delisted them, now the feds can kill the foxes, ie take over where the golden eagles left off!!

that's irony for ya

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