Monday, February 22, 2016

Mule Skinner Blues

Hey hey yeah Do you need another mule skinner Down on your new mud run? ... hey hey, little water boy

so we got Ernie and Don Katich on public TV....Katich is the operations manager of the News-Press...and Wendy's water boy

oh by the way, some upcoming trials/hearings for Wendy and Don
Wrongful Termination: 04/01/2016 8:30 AM 1486720 Ampersand Publishing LLC Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Wrongful Termination (36)

Wrongful Death: 05/09/2016 9:30 AM 1483950 Ampersand Publishing, LLC Rigali, James F SM Dept 2 1) Jury Trial 23-PI/PD/WD Tort - Other - Civil

now Ernie and Don were talking about the City of Santa Barbara and the cops and Don still thinks Peter Lance is innocent and the SB cops are crooked..still thinks that after all the evidence to the contrary!! and after all these years Katich thinks the Lance series on Lance's own DUI was brilliant!!

and Don says the stock market is in it's fell from a high of 18000 down to 15000 and it's still strong bouncing back without having to bail private businesses out! basically investors panic and there's enough room in the current market to absorb that idiocy...unlike when Bush left ofice with the DOW at 8000!

Ernie doesn't get the stock marker either..he says TESLA is tanking but it's up around $200/share..GOOGLE's at about $600/share and AMAZON's at $400/share..and Don say the gov't is artificially pumping up the stock market...

so argument after argument Don and Ernie are going around in circles and not making much sense.....Ernie's an old cantankerous guy and he exaggerates way too much

I can't believe how dumb Don is as he tries to quote JFK...Don says in the words of JFK "don't ask what your gov't can do for you, ask what you can do for your gov't"..WTF???

then they talked about Chic Fil A...and how the ARB lambasted the bible belt conservative owner for being a bigot .....always good to expose teabaggers!!

and then they talked about some study the city commissioned from a consultant that cost $200000...the study was suggested by the new Public Works director, a woman, and Ernie thinks if she makes $250000 she should not need a consultant....the thing is Ernie was too lazy to ask anyone in city gov't personally..instead he wrtie letters to the News-Press

but consider this..Ernie has been bitching about the city for years so now the new director is looking at ways to change how business is done...the City has been in this mode since the 1990s..changing over to computers and SCADA systems to save money and require less manpower...using consultants is not a new thing and can be beneficial if used wisely..Don says the News-Press might investigate but now don't have any details

naturally, Ernie and Don don't understand the City gov't because they are private sector guys...the private sector is notorious for cutting corners and fraud and then when they get caught they blame government....remember Gov't competes with GOD and Katich is some weird-ass Christian

but as Don Katich says: "don't ask what your gov't can do for you, ask what you can do for your gov't"


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"A new country, conceived in bigotry, and declared the proposal that all Tea Party members are morons."