Friday, February 5, 2016

96 Tears

96 tears, right now

well I'm trying to figure out what happened in Flint, Michigan and the water crisis issue...appears the white conservatives tried to save money and poisonsd the poor black residents by switching to a cheaper water supply....there's lots of parts like emergency managers, conservative governors, racism and the EPA..I'm wading thru the stories..could it happen here in the Santa Barbara way..too many white folks live here!!

homeless at Earl Warren??

the SB Film Fest is upon us...hey Jeff, get a shave and a haircut look like a homeless...

I see the News-Press has shrunk to a one page Classified Ad section..ONE PAGE!! that's pretty pathetic..what is Wendy' business model? oh yeah, she ain't got one


oh so on Saturday you can celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday at the Reagan Ranch Center...presented by Wendy's nonprofit the Young Miss America Foundation...hmmm, I went once and it was fun maybe I'll go again..I saw a piece of the Berlin Wall, Ron's Jeep, Ron's monkey puppet..and the little chapel where he prayed...but no nothing about the Iran contras and all the other stuff.....Ron's little propaganda house I guess...

now I see something in the Independent about Earl Warren Showgrounds being used as a homeless shelter..I don't like that one's a showgrounds not a social welfare hospital...

if you're gonna help the homeless then build shelters and staff them..bring back Camarillo Hospital..

and what about churches? aren't they supposed to help the homeless, provide for the poor? or are they just tax shelters for priests to molest children? or are they just political scams to keep money funneling into Christian powerplays?? Lordy, where's all that money going that the churches get?


and over at EDHAT sheeple gettin' riled up about Wendy's pal actor Michael Douglas who was at UCSB supporting Israel...Israel of course wants to start a war with Iran because Bibi is crazy and a terrorist himself...long history of criminal abuse/killing of Palestinian children..peace is needed over there not Michael Douglas's support of Israel..I mean who cares?? Michael's got a history of abuse too...drugs and alcohol running thru the family..just google the guy: Douglas, the son of a Jewish father and an Anglican mother, was not raised with a religious affiliation, but stated in January 2015 that he now identifies as a Reform Jew. I guess that means he doesn't wear a beanie and hit his head against the wall while chanting biblical passages... His son, Dylan, had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, and the Douglas family traveled to Jerusalem to mark the occasion.

a reform Jew? the American President? a crooked Wall Street trader....

Michael Douglas....always the actor

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