Friday, February 19, 2016

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown, It's always the same


"Apple did the exact right thing by not complying with the order. They are exactly right that this is a very, very slippery slope. And while the FBI is attempting to be very clear that this is a one-off request, there is no chance that it is. This will not be the last horrific event whose possible resolution could be on a smart phone. There will be many government agencies that, many times in the future, point to Apple's compliance as a precedent. Once this happens, we all roll down that slippery slope of lost privacy together. Speech can only be free when it is protected. We are only free when we can say what we feel we must, privately or publicly. We have a right to protect our speech from those, domestic or otherwise, who may watch or monitor us. Which is why encryption is vitally important to all of us." Mark Cuban /Huffington Post


this Mark Cuban character is an idiot...he owns the Dallas Mavericks and he's just an ugly ZIKA retard..and he writes like a tard, too!!

and he's stupid and so is Apple..I don't like Apple, I like oranges and fruit apples and the Beatles Apple but not the computer Apple..went straight downhill when Steve Jobs died...

the FBI wants some information encoded in a cell phone used by the San Bernadino terrorist mongrels....but Apple won't help the FBI..or the USA...they instead give aid to the enemy..the two dead bestial terrorists..religious fanatics...

Apple of course should help, should rush to help the FBI get more info on the maggots who savagely killed 14 folks in California..

anything to stop this killing behavior before it happens..we need to get info as to how and where these people waste their time, and their contacts...

once we find them we can round them up and grind them up for cat food..

but this Mark Cuban simpleton erroneouly says that we Americans will lose our rights to free speech and privacy...bullshit..there are no absolutes in the Constitution, just truths..and the truth is my right to privacy and free speech will be just fine.. I have nothing to hide and neither should Cuban

Americans have more freedom that they know what to do with..but freedom comnes with responsibilities

every American should BOYCOTT Apple and their stupid little phones..


the Dallas Mavericks suck

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