Sunday, August 13, 2017

Southern Man

better keep your head, don't forget what your good book said


you can be sure if all the commotion in Virginia was caused by illegals or blacks, the News-Press would have a front page story..but Saturday and Sunday, the News-Press had zip on the crisis..the governor called a state of emergency and people were killed...the perps are White Nationalists losers and Trump supporters and that's why Wendy ducked the story..what a chickenshit!!


so Wendy and Nipper are indeed White Nationalists and no doubt support the racists that gathered in Virginia...the same type who supported the News-Press racist "illegals" headline

douchebags like David Duke, the KKK flying Nazi flags with the Confederate flag..these folks are of the same ilk as the Minutemen and we know Nipper is pals with the head of the racists

think about that next time you advertise or allow a story to be done on your biz by the News-PRess..if it doesn't faze you, you should be ashamed of yourself

on the front page of Sunday's News-Press was some story about Reagan and the ranch...

this issue should be about civil war history but it's devolved into good ol' racism....I'm all for keeping symbols of the civil war for historical perspective

not exactly a newspaper, the News-Press is more a propaganda publication for white nationalists, like Wendy and Nipper

"Sieg Heil" "Heil Hitler!" 

and then this! , Wendy has to use the Tribune News Service to cover a Santa Barbara story, right under her nose in De La Guerra Plaza!!

Demonstrators gather to protest Charlottesville violence


August 14, 2017 7:21 AM

LOS ANGELES Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Santa Barbara.....

geez, did she fire ALL her reporters?? is this the beginning of the end for Wendy, Nipper and the News-Press???

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