Friday, May 21, 2010

Nit Wit Ridge...

yes there is such a place in Cambria..
it's called Nitt Wit Ridge and it's a house built of junk and it's an historical it should be..tourists
but there's another Nitwit Ridge and I'll tell you who lives's some of the ridge residents..
Wendy McCuckoo lives there..she supports Mike Stoker for Assembly..she says Stoker will fight the unions (working class folks) who are "wrecking" California...the same Mike Stoker who was spokesman for oil spiller Greka Oil...the same Stoker who was holding hands with Joe and Lanny in the shady nonprofit SBC Taxpayers Association..who by the way is tax-exempt!!
Bob Hazard lives there..he's some rich guy from Montecito who, along with fellow nitwit Montecito Journal publisher Jim Buckley, wants to replace the East Valley eucalyptus with coastal live oaks because "they don't burn"... his latest editorial in the Journal was so full of shit I had to flush twice!! he dredges up every myth about eucs to support his invasive species hysteria..all myths easily debunked...he even claims the Painted Cave, Tea and Jesusita fires were caused by eucalyptus trees!!
these clowns want to spread their fear everywhere ignorance will listen! the trees have not harmed a single soul in 100 years!!
Jennifer Jackson lives there..A girls' basketball and volleyball coach at a Connecticut high school was arrested for second-degree reckless endangerment and delivery of alcohol to a minor Thursday, according to a report in the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican-American.The newspaper said that Jennifer Jackson, 32, of Naugatuck, Conn., was arrested for providing alcohol to minors at a school dance in Watertown, Conn., on February 6.
Meg Whitman lives there....another overpaid conservative CEO who was too busy to vote most of her life...too busy to do the number one most important civic duty! She didn't VOTE and she wants my vote for governor! nitwit!
Montecito Fire District lives there...clearing brush from the roadsides is like pissing in the wind! ready! set! dumb!!
SB City Council members Frank Hotchkiss, Mike Self and Dale "Buzzhead" Francisco live there... they all voted to BAN maryjane dispensaries...against the will of the California voters!! got cancer? tough!!
and...there's a rumor that I am looking for property up on Nitwit Ridge but it is not true...I live happily on Sea Mist Road across from Sand Dollar Island where the ocean breezes bath me in sweet coral reefer madness ever night and day.. can ya dig dat?

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