Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Plains Drifter...

down by the seaside with Marianne...
ok's time for a pop quiz to see if you've been paying attention!
would you rather stand next to a burning: a) house, B) oak, C) eucalyptus, D) none of these
if you picked D, you pass and pick up your diploma on the way out...and maybe Pedrobear can help save the eucs on East Valley and start to calm the invasive species hysteria running rampant through this state...biological nativism is a phony-pukey-science based in racism and xenophobia..eucalyptus trees will not hurt you (unless one falls on you)....
Rasmussen Poll...I got an automated call from a lady doing a Rasmussen Poll...these polls are soooofucking stupid..they don't tell you anything...if you're 18 or older, press 1; how would you rate the US 1 for good, press 2 for fair or how about I press 9 for some phone sex..again girls, if you call me offer me something useful, call 1-800-goddammit and geezuschrist!!
I was watching Gunsmoke last night and Marianna Hill was a guest star..she is so pretty and later was in High Plains Drifter as the crazy blonde plotting against Clint...well did ya know she was born in Santa Barbara?
so now we got some issues with oil and oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast killing eleven, we just had the mining disaster, and now we got Santa Barbara's Pacific Bancorp selling the biz to a Texas billionaire, killing the stock value of many investors...PCBC was a heavily traded stock and purely speculative due to the trouble the bank was having with bad loans..but it did a nice little run from below a dollar to 5 dollars in a short time, then after the takeover news it tanked..some folks can't stomach these ups and downs, but if you buy low and sell high, you can make a few dollars, if you can outsmart the day traders and manipulators! Well, I hope Texas dude Ford can keep the company local. He specializes in turning banks around and selling them for a huge profit...I wish him luck considering what the Board of Directors and management did to the company...I don't understand why these people keeping making huge salaries while destroying companies. Is this the private sector business model: fuck things up, pollute, then get big bonuses?? Yes, I think it is and no wonder the economy nearly exploded..we got a bunch of knuckleheads running things!!!
Now, how will the oil spill affect Measure J in Carp, the Venoco proposal to slant drill close to the shore...probably will kill it...if private corps keep messing up and causing disasterous environmental consequences, the people will not support them. I think Venonco is a conscientious operator and will be well regulated so I'm not worried about an oil spill here. But the private sector needs to get with the program and start spending money on safety education for the workers, public and environment or you can bet the unions and/or gov't will move in and clean house....and that is a fact!!

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Anonymous said...

The empty suit running PCBC got a $50,000 raise for losing $435,000,000; then he lost another $79,000,000! What else?