Tuesday, April 27, 2010

way to go, Arizona!!

no more Spics..let's declare a legal holiday!!
I for one am grateful dead that the wise folks in Arizona had the courage to say: no more spics in America! I mean it's getting ridiculous..brown people are everywhere now..in the fields picking our veggies, waiting on us (us=white folks) in restaurants and cooking our food! egadds, don't get cooties..or spickies!!
It's about time we cleaned up America with some industrial strength Spic and Span....ha ha..get it?? Taxpayers should not foot the bill everytime an illegal alien gets sick...although I'm not sure I ever have..but anyway, you know what I mean...and these Spic people are SO DIRTY and UGLY...don't they ever take a bath??
Crossing the borders to commit crimes and rape our women is unacceptable...if the gov't won't help, then Arizionians will take matters into their own hands..shoot to kill, I say. If you're brown, you're goin' down!! no more Frito bandidos!!
It doesn't matter to me that Mexico owned a good deal of the USA until we stole it from them, or that we invited them in to help us out during WWII...it's ours now and they need to get the fuck out and go back to Mexico and the drug lords...America has no such problems as long as we remain the Judeo-Christian little angels that we are, living pure and clean lives....
so let's celebrate Arizona... and NO MORE MEXICANS!!


Anonymous said...

Next thing we've gotta do is shut down all those tanning salons. You know what those places do -- they turn people BROWN!!!!!

Help me Mick said...

I don't know what to do. My neighbor from the Philippines is kind of a brown color. So is my friend from Jamaica. And the nice lady at the store, I think she might be Korean, has brown skin, too. Help? Who am I supposed to hate? I'm so confused.

Mick Von Caw said...

I'm writing a book: "Who to Hate, How to Hate, and When to Hate"... kind of a hater's etiquette primer! it'll be in stores soon and then you'll be informed!