Saturday, April 10, 2010


who's sneaking out to capture a rainbow, everyone knows it's Windy..
the folks who live in Birnam Wood are starting to piss me off! They and Caltrans want to kill the rest of the East Valley eucalyptus trees..heritage trees mind you. They want to cut these trees down due to fear...not a good reason. Now, let us distinguish the blues gum eucs from the red gums...the blue gums are the big majestic ones and the red gums are the skinnier ones..some red gums are plagued with a mite that eats the leaves and makes a mess...those you can cut down. But the blue gums must stay. I'm hearing such nonsense from the scared little Birnam Wood golf wannabes hiding in their little gated Wonderland. They must be newbies because Birnam wasn't always so uptight. The last straw is when they let quack Dr. Laura in for a breakfast-with-Dr. Laura event...I shoulda gone and puked all over her quiche!!
The problem is the trees might be on private property which is right next to East Valley Road...hopefully there is an easement or the county can take control of the issue. Caltrans claims they want to work with the community but all evidence is to the contrary..look at the mess they made at Santa Claus I have to sue to get them to clean it up?? Caltrans wants a straight line between point A and point B and no trees on the highways..that's it, that's all!
The folks who hate the eucs are spitting out the same myths I've heard over and over: the fire hazards, the falling hazards, etc. The trees are 100 years old and you can take out a few as has happened in the past, but not all of them.
now class, stop doodling and listen up! it takes three things to start a fire: oxygen, heat and's the old fire triangle you may have heard about: EVERYTHING BURNABLE IS A FIRE HAZARD!! Even if they chopped all the blue gums down, a fire whipping through the canyons of East Valley, fanned by 100 mph winds in 100 plus degree heat will head for those million dollar houses first and fast and will burn everything in its path..wood, metal...everything! the fire triangle!!!
The eucs aren't the reason that the Jesusita, Tea and Zaca fires burned so much land and homes. People who ignored the FIRE TRIANGLE are the reason..stupid people..and these pissants at Birnam Wood are transfering and projecting their fear onto trees!!
Now, if they remove all the trees on East Valley Road outside Birnam Wood, they also remove the "egg break" know, there's some nutty nutty folks who might feel compelled to lob some extra large range-frees over that exposed ugly green fence....

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