Monday, April 5, 2010

separation anxiety...

birds flock, not people!!
is the county Santa Barbara endorsing religion with taxpayer money?? for a few years, the sunken garden at the Courthouse has been turned into a church by the Calvary religious cult and no one has said anything...well, I'm saying something... it's bad enough that the Vatican is enabling child molesters, but now the Christians have the gall to use Santa Barbara government property to hold religious services! Whatever happened to separation of church and state?? I feel that the County of Santa Barbara has violated the Constitution by allowing these fanatic knuckleheads to flock here and praise Jesus...they should do that in their own churches and not on government property!!
this should be clear: Religious groups can hold meetings, the court ruled, but when a religious group is turning public property into a regular church service, that constitutes government endorsement of religion.
no more religious meetings at the Courthouse!!
For almost 160 years this site has been the home of local government and a place of civic pride and celebration. Visitors from around the world come to see the courthouse, mural room and grounds. Hundreds get married in the Mural Room or in the Garden every year. The county caused the construction of this now historic courthouse in 1926, after the smaller Greek-Revival courthouse was damaged in an earthquake of the previous year... courthouse
the nonprofit churches don't pay taxes and now they expect me,a taxpayer, to support their lazy asses while they worship on government property...NO FUCKING WAY...this must stop and I will work to see that next year, the Courthouse won't be sullied in such a foul, despicable way.... damn phonies!

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A kestrel, sparrow and a titmouse said...

Considering that this christ following organization was instrumental in the Yes on H8ate campaign they could be considered in violation of the county's own discrimination policies and should be banned, much like the boys scouts.

The demarcation point, the separation of church from state was weakened during the Clinton administration. President Clinton signed conservative legislation that allowed religious organizations to use government facilities in an effort to get along with the religious right.

If this organization and other right wing religious organizations continues to have their way, over time the the U.S. would be a theological christian state, much like the Taliban in Afghanistan