Friday, April 2, 2010

hold her down...

Happy Good Friday fellow Catholics!! (geez, what's with all these holidays?)
ok then.. I praised a News-Press reporter a few days ago. I offer them a bridge to cross, an olive branch, a fig leaf perhaps to mend our relationship and what do they do?? they go crazy again on April Fools Day..from another brown bag in the paper (this time with a front page explanation), to a front page story about Andy Caldwell (Sean Hannity Jr.) and his new radio show..Wendy is like Rupert Murdoch providing money to these punks!
apparently Andy had a popular radio show, the COLAB Report on Wendy's radio station KZSB and now Andy will star in "the Andy Caldwell Show" including interviews with "a guy from Israel" and pal politico Joe Armendariz from SBCTA..apparently Joe traded in his Mercedes for a new silvery Dodge Ram truck..a gift from a sugar daddy or mommy... but fair warning JOE: the next time you tailgate me will be your last! you really need to learn how to drive!!
now, I checked the radio ratings and the Colab Report/KZSB is not exacty high on the list!! KTYD is on top and KZSB is on the bottom..that's right, the bottom..down at the bottom of your mystery... see Wendy, the bottom is not the top, it's the bottom which means you don't win the popularity contest, you lose it..maybe the show is popular with some north county heffers??
and why do conservatives do polls every five minutes?? all they do is polls, a poll for this and that...are they Pollocks??
and lastly, NewsPress flunkies, since we're enemies again, why the fuck do you print Michelle Malkin's column..are you as dumb as that little buck-tooth nipperite? Yes I believe you are goddmit!! Michelle complains about Henry Waxman and all his investigations of private companies..."leave them alone" says Michelle...Waxman helped shine a light on ENRON and all the fraud this company perpetrated on California and PGE employees and investors..when there's no checks and balances in private corporations, then the job of government is to investigate the fraud and bust and REGULATE these corrupt bozos..not let them continue to rob Americans..are you really an American, Michelle? or is that just a chink in your disguise..remember the California rolling power blackouts?? TOTAL FRAUD BY ENRON creating artificial power shortages to drive up the prices!! that's ok with you Michelle?? want to legalize rape, too?? and Bush and Arnold were in cahoots with Ken Lay and ENRON!!! but the real science fiction mystery is how Arnold got elected governor..I'm still trying to figure that one out...we need guys like Waxman to bust the sick corporate culture whose actions harm American workers..hang the motherfuckers and Michelle, if you're too stupid to understand that then spread your little pussy and I'll make you understand....

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Hozer said...

Oh so that explains why he got into a fight with the wifie. So he could go for a cruz in the wealthy hinterlands to pick up a sugar daddy or mommy. Drunk driving and landing upside down in a ditch drunk and with an open container is bad enough. But I'd cop to that real quick too before too much came out. Armijo should have learned from that, eh.