Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free Ride

c'mon and take a free ride...

it's been awhile since I checked the court calendars because the SB Court system runs me in circles sometimes and I don't like to waste my time most of the time...

but I see tons of hearings coming up in small claims...some of the usual suspects..conservatives and realtors being sued for fraud; doctors for malpractice...damn some of the local realtors are such scumbags..liars and cheats and greedy to the max!! stay away from those big fat realtors!!

then Ty Warner is being sued for wrongful eviction..seems like this one has been going on forever...whatever happened to the concept of a speedy trial? I'm no fan of Ty's but let's get some closure here-for the children

then there's lots of marriage dissolutions with minor kids involved..gee that's too bad but you can always get married again!

couple of Firestones in the court sytem..not sure if it's Brooks' kin

hey there's ex Carp city councilman Joe's name again in court...Joe had a bizarre opinion in the Sunday News-Press telling everyone how smart he is..calls himself an "intellectual snob"...it was a weird autobiographical rant telling us what political genuis he is thanks to his mom and Phil Donohue...and he's still Executive Director of the de facto defuncto Santa Barbara Taxpayers
Association..nobody listens to them

but ironically, Joe keeps ringing up the taxpayer tab with all these court hearings because he's always in trouble with something or other...I think that's his kid following in dad's footsteps! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Joe and Andy...what jokers and parasites these guys are..and bad dads!! the most important job in the world is being a good dad, remember that boys

OFFICER DEPT 12/08/2015 - 8:30 am 1461715 Joseph Anthony Armendariz R&S/Settlement Conference Rogelio Flores SM7 ...

and speaking of trouble , I see that Ampersand Publishing has some civil issues up in crime-ridden Santa Maria..it's a jury trial scheduled for Feb 2016...hmmm wonder what that's about?

02/08/2016 9:30 AM 1483950 Ampersand Publishing, LLC Rigali, James F SM Dept 2 1) Jury Trial 23-PI/PD/WD Tort - Other - Civil

Ampersand in Santa Maria..a jury trial...hmmmm..is Wendy moonlighting?

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