Friday, January 9, 2015

don't shoot me

I'm only the piano player

well while everyone was out having fun at the News-Press protest I was stuck at home with the flu..sick as a dog...flat on my ass with the chills and a fever..I even approached hypothermia..HYPOTHERMIA! I was hypothermic!!

but even in the throes of influenza, heavily sedated wth Nyquil on the rocks, I had brief moments of clarity..sometimes when the fever breaks, the senses get keener..and Thursday was cool and cloudy and it smelled really good and clean outside...

I tried to gather the strength to even consider to imagine the remote possiblilty that the flu would go away and I'd be flying down the road to the protest, but that didn't happen..

oh, but I was flying alright

the Donald!

so I had to rely on KEYT for the story and videos...they got some good shots of beautiful spirited young folks, singing songs and carrying dude was playing a conga strapped to the back of another guy..adding some rhythm to a protest is always a good idea!

now, I've said that the News-Press needs a fresh paint job and someone yarnbombed the News-Press building with pink paint and graffiti, but that's not what I meant..still, neither a graffiti vandal nor a reclusive racist billionaire with the social skills of a wet rat could stop the young people from speaking their minds...

SB city council member Cathy Murillo was there, like a mama lion condemning the News-Press headline that used "Illegals" to dehumanize people trying to get driver's licenses..Cathy is the only one of the council with some guts!!

Don Katich, one of Wendy's stooges, isssued a lame statement and blamed Obama for Wendy's racism.. I swear to God, faux-Christian logic is a brain twister!

but the rally was win for the human spirit and I would have been proud to be there..hell I was proud just watching it!

but this ain't about Wendy's free speech rights at all..Wendy has tried to stifle the free speech of people in SB and her employees for years..she won't even let her minions talk to anyone and if they criticize her or her friends, she fires them!! and when's the last time you saw Wendy eating her lunch on the grass?

De La Guerra Plaza, perfectly juxtaposed between City Hall and the News-Press, is now Ground Zero for real immigation reform and calling out yellow journalism and the News-Press...

BOYCOTT THE NEWS-PRESS!! Keep holding their feet to the fire!!

De La Guerra!!! A-A-A-CHOO!


Anonymous said...

The news services are reporting:

In a statement, News-Press Director of Operations Donald Katich said: “It has been the practice for nearly 10 years at the Santa Barbara News-Press to describe people living in this country illegally as ‘illegals’ regardless of their country of origin."

The use of the word "Illegals" was prohibited by the editors of the News-Press long ago. Jerry Roberts and others had the common sense and decency NOT to use the word illegals, even prior to the Associated Press removing the term from its style guide. Up until five years ago, editors at the newspaper we trained never to use "illegals." Only within the last two or three years has professionalism become so lax at the News-Press that this affront to Latinos has begun to slip into the paper. To say that the News-Press has been using the term "illegals" for near ten years is simply untrue. I challenge the News-Press to produce a newspaper from 10 or even 7 years ago where the term "illegals" was used by writers. This is an attempt to pass the buck onto former editors when the fact is this rest solely on current management's shoulders. If this statement by the News-Press reflects the veracity of the newspaper, heaven help us all. Not much of a "paper of record."

Anonymous said...

Wait. Was the offensive headline over a photo of folks lined up at the DMV or at the News-Press loading dock waiting for the papers to arrive from the printer? Hypocritical much? Don't get me wrong. The headline was offensive. No one, including the N-P, even refers to rapists and murderers as 'illegals.' Shame on the foul foursome of Wendy, Arthur, Don and Scott. They don't stand for liberty, but they will sure take liberties with the bylines of inexperienced staffers and interns. Bet Taylor wishes she never met Don and Scott. Remember when Wendy threatened to sue people for displaying banners reading, `McCaw obey the law?' But referring to people you don't even know as illegals is okay? Forced to choose between crude oil or the current owner washing up on Santa Barbara's shores, I'm sure most residents would choose the oil.

Anonymous said...

Here's a new headline for you:

"One Percent (Wendy McCaw) Terrorizes Forty Percent" (Latino population of California)

That's the real story here. And the same old one, too.

Anonymous said...

You can't boycott the News-Press. My neighbor tried, but she keeps getting the paper -- now for free.