Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dirty Laundry

kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down

one would think that if a body was a billionaire, a body would use that wealth for good...but too often, greed makes bad people do even badder things..some billionaires do good things to hide their bad things...

sissy Ty Warner made Beanie Babies so when he was busted for tax evasion, the judge praised him and let him walk...

now Wendy was a billionaire wasn't she? she got her wealth from a divorce settlement from Craig...poor Craig, it's taken him four years to remodel the old Peabody's restaurant in Montecito, and he still can't pound a nail straight!! meanwhile down the road, the big white Monaco building was finished in less than a year..of course, Craig blames the gov't for his project delays...personal responsibility Craig, personal responsibility

now the latest billionaire to act badly is a guy named Jeffrey Epstein...he's a convicted sex offender seeming to like underage girls...like Rob Lowe and even Don Henley of the Eagles was caught with some teens! and Wendy's computer had child porn images..ah STILL WAITING FOR JUSTICE WENDY!!

but this Epstein sex scandal is about to break all over the place after a lawsuit was filed naming Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew from across the pond....also named is Alan Dershowitz, a former OJ Simpson lawyer and Epsteins's lawyer and pal..

so I guess Epstein flew these guys all over the world including Thailand for sex with teens...that would indicate a major character flaw in these fellows...

so my job is to tie all this together and make a logical deduction about rich people and that is THEY ARE SCUM!! DEGENERATES!!!

so get ready for more dirty laundry....it's gonna take a lot of TIDE to clean this up!

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