Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Can Work It Out

life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend....

hmmmm PODER...that name rings a bell...DING DING DING......the tintinabulation of the bells..DING DONG DONG DING....

oh PODER... these are the guys and gals against the gang injunction and I lampooned them a few times here..but now they are calling for a BOYCOTT of the News-Press..and here's why: RACISM!! and I stand behind them as they stand up to this slur from the News-Press

remember when I wrote about the racist front page headline in the News-Press regarding Illegals Line Up to Get Licenses..well it hit the social media sites and some folks are trying to actually defend the News-Press's got nothing to do with political correctness, but everything to do with journalism....and politcal ignorance...the borders have been open and businesses welcoming to fill the work ag , food and hospitality businesses..besides, California used to be part of Mexico which is why there's so much Mexican influence here..why are white crackers so afraid of that??

so the reporter was this Taylor gal who I thought was a guy but she's not, she's a gal.. I wonder if she's the blonde with the big tits sleeping with all the editors!! well, no matter

the News-Press might just a s well used "wetbacks" instead of "illegals" the hell does Wendy know if anyone in that pic is "illegal"? and all those who drive on the highway and break the speed laws, shall we refer to them as illegals too? all of them? me too..I drove 75 MPH on 101 to lose some stupid Ford van chugging am I now to be labeled an illegal??

Journalists have always had an important role to play in disseminating falsehoods to mold public opinion, and this often involves dehumanizing military and political opponents. In a speech delivered at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1936, against the background of the gathering storm of fascism in Europe, Aldous Huxley argued that dehumanization is the primary function of propaganda.

Jews were the main victims of this genocidal project. From the beginning, Adolf Hitler and his followers were convinced that the Jewish people posed a deadly threat to all that was noble in humanity. In the apocalyptic Nazi vision, these putative enemies of civilization were represented as parasitic organisms—as leeches, lice, bacteria, or vectors of contagion. "Today," Hitler proclaimed in 1943, "international Jewry is the ferment of decomposition of peoples and states, just as it was in antiquity. It will remain that way as long as peoples do not find the strength to get rid of the virus."

of course Wendy is a racist.. and a very sick girl

racism is ignorance and Wendy is teaching it to her kiddie reporters...probably while showing them porn, waving a little American flag made in China

anyway the demonstration is Thursday Jan 8 at 6:00 PM in front of the News-Press, De La Guerra Plaza and this should be a cocker!!

and if Wendy requests police protection, I want all the Santa Barbara cops to TURN YOUR BACKS on her!


Charles said...

The sad part is that the more experienced copy editors at the News-Press know that the usage of "illegals" was banned at the paper for years. They were trained against using it, as the New York Time and former Jerry Roberts knew it was obviously offensive. The Associated Press removed it's usage from its stylebook, to which the News-Press claims to subscribe. But the only remaining employees at the News-Press are those who cower in face of the oppressive firings that took place at that paper. A newspaper is supposed to be a convergence of skilled professionals sharing their knowledge and legal experience, but now tyrannical and boot-licking editors hand down orders to frightened underlings, who worry that questioning the amateurish whims of management will mean their firing. The usage of "illegals" is a sad attempt to stir controversy through yellow journalism and to try to please their owner. Those who once instructed against using the term "illegals" -- to prove they turned coat against the previous editor, Roberts, and therefore are now loyal to McCaw -- now instruct young intern its okay to use the term "illegals". And to put it in a headline was meant to flaunt the News-Press' position as a ultra-conservative newspaper, no matter whose rights it stepped on or what border of decency it crossed. Very happy to see the Latino community is rallying against the paper's purposeful indiscretions.

Anonymous said...

The word "illegals" started popping up just about the time the News-Press started running ist Fox News Shit Stories. Sorry, Wendy, you're too old and fugly to win a spot on "The View."

Anonymous said...

"Aldous Huxley argued that dehumanization is the primary function of propaganda. Jews were the main victims of this genocidal project. From the beginning, Adolf Hitler and his followers were convinced that the Jewish people posed a deadly threat to all that was noble in humanity. "

Ironically, this all falls back on the shoulders of someone affectionately known by reporters as "the little man with the mustache."

Anonymous said...

The News-Suppress would do well in a like-minded, anti-union, racist and ultra-conservative area, like, say, some parts of the South. Santa Barbara residents are too smart, too educated, too tolerant and too liberal to be tricked into believing that something we see as round is actually really square just because madwoman McCaw says it is. Her "newspaper" is a bad fit for this area. She should take it somewhere where the folks are inbred and stupid and will believe anything they read. It's insulting that she and her idiotic henchmen think we aren't sophisticated enough to separate lies and opinions from fact. She can keep trying, and she will keep losing.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why -- given all the information available about Wendy McCaw and what she has done with the News-Press -- that aspiring journalists would even work for her.

Angel said...

They want to work in Santa Barbara. Period. If they wanted to work at similarly minded paper, their only other choice would the Selma Alabama Gazette.

From the Daily Nexus:

"News-Press Assistant City Editor Merrill McCarty declined to give a statement regarding the protest or allegedly racist headline, and other News-Press staff were also unavailable for comment."

Not only are news editors at the Santa Barbara News-Press non-politically correct and bias -- they're cowardly.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Merrill McCarty had to get involved in this. He is a highly skilled editor -- talent, smart and ethical. He's the sole thing keeping the News-Press from being a complete waste of paper. McCaw should make him editor and watch her circulation grow. He's certainly not to blame for the downslide of ethics at the News-Press.