Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fishes and Scorpions

in the shadow of starshine, everyone's going blind....

so what, now I gotta clear my footprints, delete my browsing history?? even my fave porn sites?? that's alot to axe

so the News-Press should pay me for all the free publicity I give them! I want 10% of the profits or 20% of the losses whichever way you run your business, got that? or there will be a hostile takeover

and the BOYCOTT must be working because I only saw one big ad and a few little ads in the News-Press there...clearly not enough to sustain a paper...when Wendy's divorce funds run out, that'll be it baby

it looks like Scott checked the Superior Court website and looked under tentative rulings regarding the porn professor vs the radical Christian cult teenieboppers

and then he wrote another silly headline "the elevator made me do it".... this guy is no journalist...the fucker is stealing my stuff!!!

but the ruling by Judge Herman was interesting...basically, Herman said Thrin and her mom Catherine who's supposedly a lawyer, were full of shit and the charges against Mireille Miller-Young were trumped he tossed all of the complaints by the Jesus freak anti-abortionists and sided with the UCSB Regents..that's good news because this religious cult's MO is to harass people then sue them!! oh the judge left a little room for Thrin to amend one of her complaints, but I know she won't..

spooky Catherine Short represented her daughter Thrin and a few other young ladies..these young gals were trained in radical Christianity...the mom is pals with Jeff White from Survivors of the Abortion bombers and all that....but the judge smote Catherine's attempt to extort money from UCSB...

from the ruling: The court agrees that there are no allegations of direct liability on the part of Regents. The vice chancellor’s e-mail after the fact does not constitute interference with plaintiffs’ rights or threats. From the court’s reading of the complaint, the basis of Regent’s alleged liability is clear – plaintiffs allege Regents is responsible for Miller-Young’s acts in the course of her employment.

Regents argues that, to the extent this claim is based on the conduct of others (and here it is based on Miller-Young’s conduct), there are no factual allegations suggesting violence or threat of violence against most of the plaintiffs. The second cause of action in the complaint is uncertain as to what plaintiffs’ property or person was subject to violence or threats of violence.

Plaintiffs allege that Miller-Young started a chant with students: "Tear down the sign," she yanked a sign out of Rivera’s hands, and yanked the sign out of Joan Short’s grasp. Plaintiffs allege that Massell, Smillie, Langley, and Gribbin were present at the location of this incident. But there is no allegation that any of them were carrying a sign or had any ownership interest in the sign Miller-Young took and later destroyed. (There is an allegations that there were three signs but no allegation of who, if anyone, was carrying the other two.) Pastrone, Langley and Navarini were standing at some distance from the incident. Again, there is no allegation that they had any interest in the sign taken.

There is no allegation that, other than hearing Miller-Young’s comments, McArdle, Pastrone, Langley, Massell, Navarini, Smillie, Langley or Gribbin were threatened, intimidated or coerced. None of Miller-Young’s speech threatened violence. The comment that a group of plaintiffs should guard their sign because defendants would take it was Brown’s comment and is not chargeable to Regents.

Because the complaint is uncertain with respect to which plaintiffs state this cause of action, the court sustains the demurrer to the first cause of action with leave to amend.

we need to put these cult zombies in their place!! abortion is's a choice between the woman, the man and the doctor, not a bunch of kooky sidewalk religious nut carnival barkers...besides, unborn babies are not human, they are fish until they come out of the mom's else can they survive in a little bubble full of water?? gills...they're fish

so this is a good start....a good ruling..and good judges need to SLAPP these frivolous lawsuits..

now listen to me Thrin, actions have consequences and you can't always run to mommy for protection ...your mother is using you to get some money from UCSB....

Thrin, your mom doesn't love you..she loves Jesus

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