Friday, December 12, 2008

ADD Friday...

ahh....what blog is this??

I'd like to have my other head examined by ..Kate Winslett!
Wendy's Grandiose Personality Disorder....
Wendy McCaw's vision is a world where the past is respected and in the future, protected. Her passion has been for all things living and providing them with safe and nurturing environments. From wildlife sanctuaries to historic preservation, her mantra is to "make a difference". Through the intelligent and measured donations from the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation and her ownership of The Santa Barbara News-Press, she has made a difference to the community of Santa Barbara. She believes that everyone can make a difference and making a commitment to care is the first step. Her dedication and foresight will reverberate throughout the generations to come. (hee hee haa haa!)
On Historic Preservation
:Wendy McCaw's passion for historic preservation runs deep in her veins and was nurtured through her years spent at Stanford and time spent at Harvard focusing on history and architectural design. Through the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation, she has provided resources for the Santa Barbara Bowl, the Ronald Reagan Welcome Center and Ellwood Mesa. As owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press she also protected the architectural integrity of the company's George Washington Smith building as well as other commercial properties. Now, spend a few bucks to clean it up!!
Hey Wen..who takes better care of their building..NewsPress or City Hall?

Annie, SB street corner
girl....tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya..'s always a day away!!

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