Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arnold, you're no Yentl...

dumb ass Arnold starts firing state workers to solve budget crisis!

Under his leadership, California will be broke in 70 days!
WTF has he been doing for the last 4 years?? He spends more time in front of the camera than working on California....NAZI MORON!!
and now he says he wants to be president??
In a sprawling interview with 60 Minutes last night, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a not-so-subtle hint to Republicans: get busy changing the Constitution because Ahnold has his eyes on the White House. Asked by Scott Pelley if he'd like to be president, Schwarzenegger responded in no uncertain terms:
"Yeah, absolutely," Schwarzenegger acknowledged. "I think that I am always a person that looks for the next big goal. And I love challenges. I always set goals that are so high, that are almost impossible to achieve. Because then, you're always hungry for climbing and climbing. Because it's always interesting. The climb is always interesting. When you get there you just have to pick another goal."
so Arnold is not interested in the public service, just the celebrity and attention..dunderhead!
It's real simple...tax the sinners (alcohol, tobacco, gamblers and golfers), cut funding to the native-only cult (over $1 Billion per year is currently spent by 20+ State and Federal agencies on more than 192 "Invasive Species" programs), tax corporations, remove overpaid gov't officials...USE YOUR HEAD, neighbor! and then send Maria and Caroline over to my place..I gotta BIG Christmas gift for both of them!

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