Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr Laura explains the Tea Fire to us!!

warning: do not let Dr. Laura anywhere near your children!
Kids and Questions About the Tough Stuff
December 8, 2008 on 12:12 pm In Children, Education, Family, Parenting
I’m a licensed psychotherapist (MFT), (but not licensed to practice anymore in California, are you?) and I’d like to offer the following to help you parents deal with your children when so much that is scary to them is happening locally and internationally. Dr. Laura, you phony piece of shit..tell the kids why you unethically use Dr. in front of your name...the fear you want to pass to them is really stuff you haven't dealt with....
It is impossible for your children to not notice things like fires burning homes down, or hearing about gang violence, murders of children, store robberies and the like... most kids are not aware of all the things you want to trouble them with... and most kids are way far ahead of you in dealing with all issues they can grasp...
It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from ugly realities and have them immersed in their innocence as long as possible; it’s just a bad idea not to answer their questions, even when the subject matter brings a sense of horror to your own heart..."a sense of horror to your own heart".. is that like "dying a thousand deaths"? how can a drama queen like yourself explain anything to anyone??
I’ve gotten a number of emails inquiring about how to answer questions like: "Why would God let all those homes burn down?" As children develop their notions of the Divine from whatever house of worship you attend, they tend, with their yet immature perspectives, to equate God with one of the characters in a Disney feature film with a magic wand, carpet or genii. Dummy..that's what ADULTS DO with religion!! Stop blaming the kids, you ninny! and I would wager that you have received not one email with such a question!
"Honey, God didn’t burn down anybody’s home; God created all the wonderful trees and flowers, and left it up to us to keep them trimmed, make our homes as fire-safe as possible, and not be careless with fire…as were those college students at the Tea Garden in California."
Huh? you are going to tell kids that God is a Santa Claus type figure and then you wonder why they equate him with Disney characters! You just poisoned the well again!
"Mommy, why are those terrorist people blowing other people up all over the world?" "My love, there are people who wish to believe that they and their way of living and believing about God is the only way. When people are unable or unwilling to share the world with others’ beliefs (as long as those beliefs do no harm to others), this is the sort of ugly thing that they do." Like Propostion 8!
"Mom, will they come here to get us too?" "Well, sweetie, it is possible and that is why we have so many police all over the world getting information and doing things to stop them. (like torture) Since 9/11, we’ve been saved by our government staying alert. (our government was asleep on 9/11, but since a conservative was President, we won't discuss that) And God forbid, should something more happen here, we will have the courage to stand against it. (God can forbid terrorists attacks, but not fires?? God makes trees and flowers and leaves it up to us to stop terrorism??) This is lunacy!
I realize I sound like I’m politicizing some of these issues, and I don’t really mean to. I’m simply pointing out how I believe you, as parents, should handle the questions your children ask. Don’t hide from the questions; don’t lie for the sake of a false sense of security.
Laura, you are a chronic liar..of course you mean to politicize all these issues..that's what you do!
Lie like a g-o-d- spelled backwards...

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Don said...

Let us say Derreck Schlessinger was Ted Kennedy's kid, his pedophile drawings would have been all over the news. BANNER HEADLINE BREAKING NEWS. Talk radio 24/7. Instead, here she goes with that BIG LIE about a license. She wouldn't know when she gave it up, the lazy skank.