Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mother Nature's Bastard Son....

look at the nature..Francine!

I get a little annoyed sometimes at all the natural beauty that surrounds us..I mean day after day of sunrises, sunsets, ocean views, unspoiled mountains, wild animals...it's a bit much..maybe it's good we got folks like Greka to mess it up a little....nahhh!
The president of Greka Oil, Andrew deVegvar, wishes the press and media like KSBY would leave him alone when his company spills oil..he claims the criticism is political and sees the problems as minor... he says the latest round of spills which produced another stop work order was human error, which happens sometimes. A worker opened the wrong valve and sent oil spilling on land leased by Greka from Brooks Firestone..again..again..again..again..that's the problem Andy, the again part....your operators wouldn't keep making these mistakes if they knew what they were doing..you need to train them, certify them or get the hell out of the oil business.. oil spills are not to be rationalized away or hidden, they are to be STOPPED, dickhead... they are unacceptable as any conscientious operator will tell you....private biz, I tell ya..what scumbags!
Brooksie leases land to Greka and he should be horsewhipped but I have to cut him some slack because he's friends with George Martin of Beatles fame..otherwise, I'd kick his ass!
BOGUS CLAIMS in January 2008
Greka Oil & Gas Launches Major Improvement Program
Greka Green Initiative Will Remove Tons of Out-of-Service Equipment and Develop a System-Wide Infrastructure Improvement Plan SANTA MARIA, Calif.--(Business Wire)--Greka Oil and Gas, Inc. announced today a major "Greka Green" initiative which will affect all of its facilities and is designed to make Greka an environmental leader among Santa Barbara County's oil and gas operators. "We've always taken very seriously our responsibility to operate in an environmentally safe and sound manner," said Greka President Andrew deVegvar. "In fact, since acquiring these facilities nine years ago, Greka has spent tens of millions of dollars for upgrades and modern alarm systems."
So this is a warning, Andy, you stupid fucking moron oilheaded dimwitted shitbrained scatsucking knucklehead..CLEAN UP YOUR ACT OR GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS..or I, MVC, mother nature's good son, will pay you a little visit.....


nuffalready said...

The guy you're calling on is a Wharton B-School grad and a former Green Baret. Your way over your head pal.

Mick said...

Well shiver me timbers....the guy's a smooth talker and genius, too! trained in unconventional warfare against the environment and spreading oil over the land as a counter-terrorism move..or were you talking about Brooksie?

Hadtohappensometime said...

See, Mick. Some folks really do take you literally.

Mick said...

Dear Had..sometimes I scare myself!