Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Survivor: Miramar

despite last ditch effort to kill the Miramar project by News-Press, Citizens Plannning Association, and good ol' Elaine, the tribe has spoken..

Ha Ha! You lose losers...Travis and Wendy you suck at this least have the guts to show up at a public meeting and speak DIRECTLY to the supervisors, but all you could muster is another editorial...Naomi Kovacs...I watched you sashay your fat little ass around the planning are trailer trash..WTF are you doing in Santa Barbara??? You want to save the environment..STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE, PORKY!
Elaine....please move! away! far! soon!
hero of the day
Supervisor Gray blasts nerdy out-of-town CPA lawyers for dissing county staff and rambling on and on about staff emails .."Is that all you got?" says Joni, defending her regained all my lost respect for her!
zero of the day
Supervisor Wolf plays dumb " I didn't hear them say anything bad" and plays right into the hands of the NewsPress and votes no...other supes voted yes... Duh Janet, why don't you read a NewsPress anti- Miramar editorial..there's tons of them about how horrible and evil the county planning staff know, the folks you work with...the CPA lawyers were quoting Travis almost word for word! (perhaps auditioning for a spot on Wendy's litigious gravy train)
hissy fit of the day
And where was Michelle Gibbs, the planner who quit in a prissy hissy fit, who couldn't handle the pressure and went crying to the NewsPress with "inside info" which turned out to be some..some.. silly emails...the NewsPRess called her a whistleblower, but I still don't hear anything! Here, Michelle, blow on this!! WEEEEEEEEE....
weird-ass of the day
at least one Miramar neighbor, Jean Harfenist, plans to appeal to the Coastal Commission. Apparently, Jean has an abnormal fear of flooding and water. She even wrote a book " Brief History of the Flood"..
here's an excerpt:
"She and her sister and two brothers live in a perpetually flooded, rundown house in Acorn Lake, Minn. Their mother, a convincingly portrayed manic-depressive, is always up for wild projects, like turning the family's pontoon boat into a giant-size floating wedding cake; once the fun is over, she sinks into bed for days. Their father, an alcoholic, sits in his recliner drinking beer and eating pickles when he isn't tormenting their mother."
Alright..I don't want to hear or see you crazy stupid bitches until I'm sitting down at the Miramar Grill, eating a nice big fat juicy hamburger with sand in my shorts and Georgia on my it??


Anonymous said...


SCHRAGER received approval under a Mitigated Negative Declaration: NOT an EIR. The lesser review was allowed because SCHRAGER was going to save the cottages, which CARUSO will destroy unless someone can Medivac them to safety; SCHRAGER wasn't going to change the topography (unlike the Caruso Plan with its 1000 trucks of landfill that will fill in the fragile Oak Creek floodplain up to 15 feet deep in places); SCHRAGER wasn't going to build structures that will sit on landfill to rise above us like the monolithic shopping centers for which CARUSO is infamous.

What perverse psychology causes a man to buy land of extraordinary beauty and raze it (erasing even the most minute evidence of the memories he hoodwinked the community into thinking he respected); to eliminate the naturally sloping landscape that defines the region; to lift the land above its surroundings and level it flat as a sheet of paper (flat as the land beneath a big-box mall); and to cover this field of destruction with buildings so out-of-scale with the area that they will for untold decades bring sadness to those who remember the warm joy once felt at the first glimpse of the Monterey Pines planted long ago by the once-meaningful Montecito Association? This artificial platform of land with its regulation-busting, precedent-setting buildings will now be the official greeter -- not just for Montecito, but for Santa Barbara County.

THE ALL-NEW Miramar Hotel will be followed by more of the same. For the County, the Montecito Association, the Montecito Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and a well oiled, vocal group of naïve citizens who fell to social pressure and the charm of a shopping-center developer and his sophisticated organization have officially gutted the Montecito Community Plan.

The list of representatives with the intelligence and the guts to try to stop this disaster is short and meaningful:

Jack Overall
Janet Wolf
Darlene Bierig
Tony Harbour
Dick Thielscher

If you think I’ve missed anyone, please post your suggestions.

Mick said...

Schrager never had any intention of saving the Miramar...he's a disco- drugged- out- con artist who SOLD OUT MONTECITO! Some of you anti-Miramar folks sound like jilted lovers: Oh please Ian, come back to us..we can still work things out! The fact that an ND was all that was needed because he was going to "save the cottages" shows you the value or need of a "full EIR" in the Miramar case. Negative Declaration is a should be a Positive Delaration!
The cottages are mostly damaged by termites, rot and neglect thanks to Schrager's "vision" and Ty Warner's compulsive buying habits...Warner STILL is not done with his Channel Drive orange monster....and why is he always afraid to face the people? Caruso's been up front and center thru the process...
Jack Overall doesn't belong on any planning commission anywhere...I watched him struggle for hours trying to figure out the simplest things during the Miramar hearings..and how can he explain the Montecito Community Plan that allowed HUGE VANITY MANSIONS to litter Channel Drive where cool old stone-pillar beach houses used to be.....
The Miramar was a fabulous old place..and now it will be a fabulous new's always been about a friendly Montecito/Santa Barbara/California beach vibe, not just a few blue, I'm sure a few cutesy pampered actresses and writers who haven't lived here very long or bought recently don't want a hotel next door..but their cries are not credible..only they would worry about a catastrophic flood in semi-arid Santa Barbara..yeah, it might happen and I might be worried if I paid 5 million for a beach house, too. I think I'd worry more about an ocean storm reclaiming my house than the Miramar!
Now, just walk around the Miramar is huge..plenty of room for everyone..and this area needs some life again, it is as stale as an old Seinfeld rerun....or a News-Press editorial rerun....