Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here Comes the Sun....

Guest editorial by Sonny..

Hi folks..remember me? Sonny? from egoweblog? I used to be somebody, now I'm writing a guest spot for Mick Von Caw & Santabarbaranewspressblog. Wowie, I thought I was obnoxious..but Mick takes the prize, huh? I can't imagine who would read this rot..if I were you, I wouldn't admit it to anyone.. no way!
Let's see.... what can I say that might interest you. Last time we spoke Dr. Laura was at the NewsPress and Nipper had a I guess I'm not the only loser in town. That's nice to know during this holiday season especially. I was reading the new and improved NewsPress and there was another story about another charity for the troops..this time it's bikes for the family of soldiers..the idea is to show the families how much we appreciate them invading Iraq..and instead of being honest with them, we give their kids bicycles! I guess the troops don't make enough salary to buy their own kids what..the military is a charity now?? Why not institute a bonus program for the troops..$100 per Iraqi killed, ..$50 per rape... kind of an incentive program for some Christmas cash. I don't get it...what happened to the few, the proud? Why don't my tax dollars go to support the soldiers who fight, whether the war is right or wrong? As the judge's eagle promenades, what has America become? If I were in the military, the last thing I would want is some fool buying my kids a bike, thereby emasculating me. And I see Dr. Laura gave $700 to the cause..let's see where that cash ends up..ha..ha!
Well I gotta go..I think Mick is doing an ok job poking fun at these pompous neurons masquarading as concerned citizens..although I could do a better job...there's plenty other blogs keeping tabs too..and that's good..I give the daily newspaper industry another year, then it's over for them..and it's their own fault..they put power before service and their investments are going up in smoke...speaking of smoke, I smoked a big doobie last night and I'm a little woozie...thanks for reading and..keep a light on for me, would ya? Merry Christmas!

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