Saturday, March 28, 2015

why can't we be friends

 why can't we be friends??

ok so I see this over at the Santa Barbara View of all places..some of the View's readers are some conservative constipated cranks with no sense of humor..and it's the place for the MCA propaganda

but this satirical look at the News-Press impressed me..and cracked me up..

the Santa Bruta Noose-Press with a hanging rope logo!! AHAAHAAHAAA!!

brilliant satire and very creative... cuts right through the bullshit ...and printed no doubt without divorce settlement money!!

hahahahaa!! did PODER do it??? good on ya!

good job Santa Barbara View for showing it!!

you know you love it

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Anonymous said...

I love the comments under this at the Santa Barbara View, probably all written by Scott Steepleton and Don Katich, calling this mild parody the work of uneducated gangster and telling them to a) get an education b) get a job c) don't hate the rich d) Buy and house and don't rent!?!? And best of all accusing the author of not being brave enough to put a byline on the parody. Really, News-Press? Are you the one's who accused former editor Jerry Roberts of harboring child porn in a story on your front page without a byline?