Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jump Jim Crow

Weel about and turn about and do jis so, Eb'ry time I weel about I jump Jim Crow...

ok so I missed the case of Amersand vs Todd but Judge Anderle already has a tentative ruling...

Nature of Proceedings: Re Eligibility Waiver

This case was filed in 2006; Ampersand sought an injunction against Michael Todd seeking to protect their employee Ana Elisa Fuentes, alleging workplace violence; the entire case was dismissed in 2006.

Subsequently in February 2015 Ana Elisa Fuentes filed a Request to waive fees in the above case; she is employed; the Court denied her request on 2/19/15 pointing out that her income exceeded guidelines; thereafter on 3/3/15 she filed a request for a hearing about the Court fees; the Court granted the hearing; there is no new declaration in the file that the Court could find setting out facts why the original order should not stand.


1. Based upon the file the Court finds no reason to change the previous ruling; typically there is some new information filed when the request for a hearing is filed; however Ms. Fuentes will be given a chance to be heard.

2. But more importantly, the Court points out there is no pending case to file anything in; any fee that she anticipates paying has to be related to some pending case; there is none.

3. With that said, she may be seeking some kind of restraining order related to workplace violence or domestic violence; if so, she must first initiate such a case and then seek a fee waiver, albeit such a fee waiver might still be denied based upon the present information in the file


yes it was case from 2006 and I never heard much about it..details anyway...but it seems when Wendy was promiscuously filing lawsuits, she sought an injunction against Todd to protect some chick named Ana Elisa illegal?? I don't know but her name sounds kinda third-world like as the SB Chamber of Commerce points Ana just another damn-dirty Mexican causing trouble??

but the News-Press alleged workplace was bullshit and the whole case was thrown out according to the tentative ruling..

so I read the ruling and the details and like the judge I am confused...did she have to pay fees to someone, like the court?? why didn't Wendy pay the fees...who is she she I mean Ana or even Wendy....

I, like the judge, can only speculate...but I research things a little and found a News-Press article from 2005 about Teddy Bears and cancer at the Biltmore...and the photo was taken by one Ana Elisa Fuentes...apparently Ana is world-renowned photographer

but the photo shocked me..Wendy and her pals looked like they were dressed in black face to mock future President Obama and probably even Martin Luther King..

it's just shameful!! I knew Wendy was a racist and now this sorta proves it

and why is Todd's name in the lawsuit, the civil case, because as the judge said..there is no case anymore..and there never was

so why did Ana wait ten years to file this lawsuit? this lawsuit that doesn't mean anything...

this whole thang is a mystery to me and the more I delve into it, the more mysterious it becomes...

as a matter of fact, this is more mysterious than a one-legged ballerina at a taco stand

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