Friday, March 27, 2015

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

'round the old oak tree..

quick before they cut it down!!!

so I was out messing around on a fine Spring day, the air was full of flowery scents...the sun was hot...the sky was blue and so was the sea...the sand was sandy

there was a beautiful shade tree at Lookout Park in Summerland..a longstanding big beautiful pine near the office area...

so imagine my surprise when I went down there and saw it had been chopped down...actually I was pissed...the wind didn't do it, the tree was the "safety" excuse was probably might topple over and fall down the cliff...but the tree's been there forvever having survived everything 'cept the chainsaw

pines trees are my the eucs but there is nothing more beautiful than the moon rising through the pines... when you cut down a pine tree, you really notice the Camper Park, Peoples Self Help Housing chopped two big awesome pines to put in place a monstrous housing project that never should been was supposed to be small workforce housing then they turned it into a big townhouse development...

Peoples Self Help Housing is such a's a nonprofit that gets money from gov't/city councils..then they build huge "affordable housing projects" that leave scars on the land..

Casa de Las Fucking Flores

this project, called Casa de Las Fucking Flores will house lottery winners according to an article in Noozhawk...why would a lottery winner need affordable housing? because they spend all their money gambling, that's why

but really, I watched the PSHH socialists cut down the big beautiful pines..and a lovely row of palm trees that the birds, the hooded orioles just loved to nest in...and oh how the wind loved to push those palms around!

all PSHH needed to do was replace the trailers with some mobile homes, ie new trailers...what they did was overbuild a huge apartment's just horrid!!  former Carp mayor Weinburg saddled us with this monstrosity and I curse him..

thank God we got agriculture here to buffer the new developments..unfortunatley PSHH slipped this one in..and a few weeks back, they were at the city council asking for more taxpayer money!! the NERVE!!!

now the news blurb in Noozhwak was written by a fellow named Angel Pacheco...I remember..oh yeah, Angel used to be a reporter for the he's a publicist for Peoples Self Help Housing...geez

By ANGEL PACHECO, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER ... "He's not just sorry that he got caught," Mr. Genis told the News-Press following the hearing. "He's not ...

Angel's last story was about Raymond Morua killing Mallory PSHH killed the Camper Park trees

like the county killed the Summerland Pine..

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