Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the Gypsy Rover

A-dee-do-a-dee-do-die-day, A-dee-do-a-dee-day-o; He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang, And he won the heart of a lady...

well I know it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday so I went for some green groceries and upon entering the shopping center, I'm subjected to the sounds of a bagpipe....I can take bagpipes for about three seconds but it went on and on..and on....

I see two dudes (I think that one older guy was a dude) in green dresses standing outside Starbucks, playing the tunes...I used to play music for a living man but I never wore a dress..and I don't drink Starbucks coffee...

WTF is going on??

STATE BAR slits Darryl's throat

and then I see on the front page of the News-Press another story by Scott Steepleton about his girlfriend Darryl Genis , the DUI protecter lawyer...Scott gushes that DG will only get a recommended 30 day suspension of his lawyerly rights vs a 90 day suspension.... ah, a win for Darryl would be zero suspension but that's not what happened.. Darryl got spanked by the State Bar again...just think if you got suspended for 30 days for ethical, misconduct issues...not something to be proud of

then I see #69 on the Ernie Show and she's totally spaced out...Ernie would ask her a question and Julia would wait..look at him all paranoid and droopy, then start yapping...bizarre

Julia of course called immigrants "invasive species" in a  mindbogglingly stupid racist letter to the racist News-Press...I think she's a pothead which would explain alot..marijuana is invasive!!
and the Israelis decided to stick with the racist anti-Arab war- mongering fear-mongering Bibi Netanyahoo...more walls, more violence, more "Arabs are dogs" chants by his rabid followers

this guy hates Palestinians as much as Hitler hated Jews...

ignorance selling fear is such a waste of time and spirit


Anonymous said...

How about the headline:

"Good news, the lawyer your job and life is depending on just got suspended for a month for acting like a douche"

Woohoo, let's celebrate!

Anonymous said...

This is actually hilarious. Only the News-Press and its writers could somehow think this is a positive front page spin, when all it does is draw attention to the antics of one bottom of the barrel attorney. Is there anyone at that paper with more than the sense of a half-wit?