Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yellow Submarine

we all live in a Yellow Submarine....

ok..it's been established that Santa Barbara is a racist city (that should be good for tourism!)...and having forked over $600000 in settlement money to atty Barry Capello, the city has admitted its racist ways...Barry, who represented Wendy McCuckoo during her child porn issues, had claimed that at-large elections prove racism and threatened to go to court, and the administrators took one look at the City Council...took a look at Dale, Frank and Randy..and said "yeah, they're racists only concerned with white interests"

hey..the reality is you got your surfers..and you got your greasers..it's always been that way!

and we know the News-Press is a racist paper with their Minuteman connections...and the plot by the News-Press and Dale Francisco to remove the one Latina on the council, Cathy Murillo...Dale is obviously a white supremacist..remember that skinhead hairdo?? it explains the wig he wears today

so the city will go with map 3A for the new districts and chop SB up into non-racist parts...once that is worked out..wait a minute, I was watching the meeting and did they say La Entrada has its own split district?? one block of State St will get two representives!! WTF??? well, Mexicans drew the map up so what do you expect...

now, the next logical step is Carpinteria must go to district elections..but I will fight that..Carpinteria is one..we all function as one unit...we're not racists here..we welcome airybody!! we're like a big Yellow Submarine! the last Mex we had on council was Joe Armendariz, but he crashed and burned ...driven mad by too much booze and too much spacegal #69!

and Joe was a conservative Mexican! a rare thing

I was walking along the bluffs the other day and saw a bunch of Mexicans hiking! I dint even know Mexicans hiked!

I thought all they did was eat!!

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