Thursday, March 12, 2015


oh Mexico, never really been but I'd sure like to go...

so now we got another shady non-profit..the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce...
and since the Chamber has decided to enter the political fray, they are fair game...I remember one big fat guy on the Chamber also was given a radio show on Wendy's AM 1290...Steve Cushman was his name...conflict of interest or interesting conflict??

but the latest incarnation of the Chamber is showing alarming signs of racism, like the News-Press... I read the Chamber statement and it does indeed appear racist...or clueless at least

"the effort to intimidate a business owner and scare off his customers over a policy difference is completely unacceptable and smacks of actions one might see from criminal gangs in third world countries" says the Chamber

third world countries...hmmm..I guess he's talking about Latin America??

well, I know the Mafia used to storm into restaurants in the old days and shoot people in America...are we a third world country? and the KKK used to kill black people and hang them from trees right here in America..recently the American "patriots" Minutemen killed a little girl whose crime was being a Latina...shot her in the face in cold blood...let's not forget Brisenia!

SB Chamber releases racist comments!

third world country is a misnomer but you can bet American interests have exploited plenty countries they deemed inferior third world status

so we got the SB Chamber alleging that third world countries are automatically full of criminal yes that would include America..America according to the SB Chamber is a third world country!

see? applying a little logic goes a long way to destroying a lame argument...any reference to a third world country being criminal is just racist stereotyping..

Ken Oplinger, the president of thre SB Chamber should resign immediately and go to work for Wendy on AM 1290..

the Pacific Northwest Connection

Oplinger left the chamber of commerce in WA to work in Santa Barbara..and ironically while in Washington he favored open-border trade, but with British Columbia.."During his time at the helm of the Chamber, Oplinger has supported a variety of initiatives to bolster cross-border commerce between Whatcom County and British Columbia"....

in fact, Ken Oplinger tried to bully in a thug-like way some folks in a Washington school district for not supporting his COAL OIL port (Gateway Pacific Terminal)

One of the avid GPT promoters (shall we say pro-GPT activists?) listed above, Ken Oplinger, sent an email letter dated June 21, 2012 to Ferndale School District Superintendent Linda Quinn. The subject of Oplinger’s email letter was a May 8, 2012 letter written by then-School Health Officer and Director of Special Services for Ferndale School District Dr. Michael Berres, Ph.D, Dr. Berres’ letter contained questions about potential health impacts to Ferndale School District students which could result from the proposed GPT project if it were built.

In Oplinger’s email letter to Ms. Quinn, he strongly criticized Dr. Berres’ letter to PDS. Oplinger said he found "the substance of the letter and the tone of the letter to be biased against the proposal."

Oplinger also claimed that Dr. Berres provided "erroneous information that has been pitched by overt opponents of the project," in his letter. There were no specifics provided by Oplinger as to what he considered erroneous, nor any evidence to support that general claim.

Why did Ken Oplinger feel it his place to contact the Ferndale School District, criticizing Dr. Berres’ letter to Whatcom PDS, and requesting that particular additional information about GPT should be included in Dr. Berres’ letter to PDS?

and it appears Ken likes a drink or two..belonged to a drinking club in Visalia....

"Take Ken Oplinger, a pillar of the Visalia, California, business
community. Oplinger, 30, is president and CEO of Visalia's
chamber of commerce, where he spends his days reviewing
proposed laws, working the press, and lobbying politicians.
Outside of the office, he does more of the same - but in a
different realm. "I'll hear him on the phone discussing legislation," says his
fiancée, Diana Stein, "and I'll assume it's for work. Then I'll
realize, 'Wait, Visalia doesn't have a king.'"
In real life, Oplinger belongs to a drinking group called Viva
Visalia that meets in various bars around town."

a drinking group???

what is this jackass doing on the SB Chamber of Commerce??? ...he needs to be taught some manners so I will refer to Oplinger as Mr. Tequila-Tortilla ..ya know, to humble him...and since he loves the taqeuria so!!

and Mr. Tequila-Tortilla is now on my radar

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The Chamber of Commerce is a GANG said...

Well Cushman (imo) has always been an ass and anyone involved with the chamber has a very limited focus. This official chamber statement is outrageous. And the chambers "third world" workforce should consider a little "gang" acticvity in the form of work slow-downs and sickouts. Start over at the ever so quiet (on this issue) councilmember Randy Rowses paradise like bar and restaurant, then over to State Street, all up and down State Street, and of course include both Macys.