Monday, March 9, 2015

count me in

if you need someone to count on, count me in
Someone you can rely on through thick and thin
When you start to count the ones that you might ever doubt
If you think of counting me, count me out

I've heard of bird counts but now we got homeless counts by the MCA and fatty busy-bodies like Sharon Byrne running around Milpas trying to get the riff raff off the street so they don't scare customers away....or traumatize business owners...this little trick of trying to rescue the homeless and care for them is just a game...the MCA and others of their ilk don't care about the homeless...

homeless counts??? geez

doing a "count" is another way to dehunamize the homeless, the mystery tramps, the bums..the mentally ill...and to establish superiority over them

let the Casa Esperanza do its work!!!

but how do you do a "count" I wondered...well let's start with birds:
Bird Counting Overview

Counting birds can be simple, such as when you’re counting a single species at a fixed location. For example, counting eighteen Eared Grebes on a small lake shouldn’t present much difficulty. You can feel reasonably sure that you’ve got the right total with just a simple straight-forward count, especially when the number of birds is few. Naturally, your margin of error goes up as the number of birds is greater, but the techniques outlined below are useful in minimizing this error.

then from birds I guess you could move to "retard counts"...then "fat chick count....then "dog counts"... howzabout "beach umbrella counts" maybe "rich people cunts"..ohoow, I mean counts!! sorry!!

now if churches were doing their job, the homeless population would be cared for...the stories about Carpinteria Community Church are getting really's long past time do investgate these tax-exempt churches and non-profits ...hang these sonsabitch youth pastors....they should be out there doing welfare checks on homeless people, not molesting kids!!

but churches are safe-houses for making money, molesting children and Sunday services to ease the guilt of Saturday's, most chruches are scams..

Hey's one more!!!

I do like the big beautiful stone church in SB by the Arlington and the gawd-awful Public Market ..the Trinity church...was giving aid to some homeless folks by allowing them to hang out on the lawn until some Santa Barbarians complained..and the church caved.....and there's hundreds of churches here

geez, denying a poor person some refuge for awhile...such a display of humanity..

what lovely people in Santa Barbara!! just lovely....

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