Sunday, March 22, 2015

every picture tells a story


it's bad enough that the News-Press called Mexican immigrants "illegals"... now the News-Press is targeting Asians, calling them "tiny"


hmmm...some people are so racist they don't even know it as is the case with the News-Press..

so they had an online caption about the woman painting a mural at the Santa Barbara Courthouse...the first thing that "struck the News-Press was how such a tiny person could do such a big job"..

then I got the paper edition and the story was written by Marilynn McMahon...twice she mentioned the size of Kumiko, but it really had nothing to do with the content of the story.. this was a thinly disguised effort to show displeasure at a Japanese gal doing restoration work on a Santa Barbara icon... you should be ashamed of yourself, Marilynn...white lady probably got big tits and a small brain

well it's clear to me that the News-Press needs some sensitivity far as some white people are concerned, everyone else is sub-human to some degree somehow...whites got a big inferiority complex..

but I'm here to help the News-Press..I too get suspicious when I see a black person walking in the neighborhood, but I'm working on it..see I'm not perfect but I am more perfect than any black, that's for sure! and if  I see an Asia gal,  I expect a hot massage

but anyway, Asians...hmmm I like Asian chicks but there are some ridiculous stereotypes I'd like to bring to the attention of the News-Press, like this one:
Asians are so often described with tiny eyes that small eyes are now known as Asian eyes...slit eyes

the slit-eyed lady knocked me off my feet....

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Laura said...

If they want to talk "tiny," they should talk about the size of the newspaper. An utter waste of money.