Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm like a bird...

doctors of death... nearly everything these people touch..dies... and now, the 5000 dead Channel Island piggies are exacting their revenge with..the swine flu epidemic! You were warned....

feral cats, bald eagles, condors, foxes, rats, pigs, shorebirds...BEWARE an unnatural predator who kills for no reason at all... MAN...or rather, cleanses the Channel Islands of "unwanted" species...where have I heard that mindset before? The Channel Islands "restoration" is a big scam, perpetrated by the Nature Conservancy and Parks Service biologists, rich people, fat people and stupid people..the latest news is that the WEBCAM bald eagle chicks have died..imagine that..a freaking webcam in an eagle's disrespectful, how intrusive, how sick.. tagging birds, captive breeding, keeping them in zoos and cages, radio collars...making a mess of things is their motto...and they have left behind a river of blood.. this is animal cruelty..pure and simple...WHERE THE FUCK IS THE HUMANE SOCIETY?? at a cocktail party with a Maccaw??
and Lois Capps, poor thing, has been duped into thinking all this harassment and forceable killing is forceable rape ok, too, Lois?
The restoration is the consequence of the native only cult adherence to the pseudo-science of biological nativism, a reactionary movement rooted in the psychologies of racism and invasive species are demonized and killed...lands are poisoned and burned and taxpayers pay the price..
Russell Galipeau is the big fat Channel Islands Park Superintendent who is responsible for all this mayhem.. reportedly, he ate 500 of the 5000 pigs that were killed....he should be in jail with his other co-horts...there are plenty of Parks supporters who publish propaganda claimed the restoration is a huge success, native plants are rebounding and foxes are happy and's all bullshit..the foxes were never endangered in the first place!!

The pigs, golden eagles, fennel, olive trees and foxes lived together in relative harmony..until a few biologists panicked...these people have big money behind them and it is nearly impossible to stop spread some non -native love wherever you go....fennel, purple thistle will continue to thrive, no matter how much these nitwits try to destroy..nature has always dealt with men and women who try to control her...
now, my next step will be to contact the Dalai Lama..if he doesn't help, I'm gonna have to knock that stupid grin off his face!

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