Wednesday, June 2, 2010

creep show...

the Devil and the deep blue sea
I love election time! People crawl out of the woodwork to support their candidates, give tons of money, sling mud and lies, and generally act like I want them to for they support my psychological profiles. I especially like the rightwing factions because they are soooo desperate and very entertaining to watch and make fun of..the last city council race was full of baloney but somehow, Mike Self and Frank Hotchkiss got elected...Mike has been a councilmember for about six months and she's always complaining about things and I think the job is getting to her...check this picture out..Mike looks evil, little and drained and tired and I don't think she'll last much longer..probably didn't realize the workload involved..but being on the council is not like having a have to really work!
is Dr. Dan Queer??
while it's true that Dr. Dan delivered a lot of babies over the years, they all turned out to be devil worshippers!! and does this man look sane? no, he looks evil!! do you want him as supervisor looking out for special wealthy interests?? He got $25000 from an out-of-towner named Steven G Blank who sits on the board of the useless tax-exempt nonprofit the Audubon Society and wrote a weird book called "the Four Steps to Epiphany" about business solutions with a couple of old queer looking dudes on the cover? are Dr. Dan and Steve Blank gay lovers?? who knows!! all Dan will says is "he's a very nice man" ...hmmmm, sounds fishy to me...
and in Carp, we got Measure J, the Venoco Oil Initiative with all sorts of weirdos that I've never seen in Carp suddenly showing up on TV and in the for Measure no Don't Vote for Measure our town!! the Gulf spill and Greka aren't gonna help this at all!
the election will soon be upon your conscience..if you have one

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