Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lady O...

While you sit and seek a crescent moon
Is layin' at your feet,
With hope that's made of sand,
You don't think you can
But you have held it all in your hand
there's this woman who keeps babbling on about this and that, and not making sense (kinda like me). She's at the forefront of conservative politics because her daddy is famous, she's a daddy pleaser...and try as I might, try as I can, try as I must, I can't look away..I can't dismiss her..I pretend not to notice when some news organization quotes her, but they always include a picture of her, and that's where I get stuck..the blonde hair, the deep blue eyes, the cute nose, the soft lips. I can't look away, I tell ya..I can't!!
The woman in question is Liz Cheney..Dick's daughter..she's getting alot of press because of that fact and she has said some mighty kooky stuff about Obama and libs and now she wants kinky dude Micheal Steele to resign because he said the Afghan war can't be won...well, of course he's right, but folks get touchy when we speak the truth about our war's the rah rah rah mentality instead of the rasta rasta rasta mentality..Bob Marley's was a man of peace, so we should listen to him, mon..but conservatives aren't into reggae, I guess..
but Liz, Liz...I can't figure her out..well, maybe I can...she's just trying to do a ballet for her dad, to win his approval..some gals do this all their life because daddy always holds back a little..this causes the daughter to try even harder..and Dick keeps clutching his chest and going to the hospital to get attention and sympathy from everyone..Liz falls for it everytime!! Dick's got a weird needy heart!
but believe me, I've seen some damaged daughters out there..collateral from the family, the sick American family...the cure would be for Liz to step away from her dad and do something on her own, develop her own style away from the Dick's daughter image..instead of parroting what her pop says and thinks, Liz needs to develop her own personality and that's where I come in...I can help her, I want to help her...I need to help her...
I've been tryin' hard to keep from needin' you
But from the start,
My heart just rolled and flowed
I've seen where it goes
And still somehow my love for you grows, Lady-O.

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