Friday, March 19, 2010


a fantasy world of Disney girls....
so after the Trader Joe's dream, I had to go for real and check...all is normal..on my way I saw a black Mitsubishi Montero with "Stoker" painted all over was parked outside Fess Parker's Hotel by the beach (RIP Fess and thanks for turning SB into Disneyland!!) and inside the SUV was Mike Stoker, dressed in black, looking like a revivalist preacher! Damn I wish I brought my camera..
Meg "do as I say not as I do" Whitman is coming to town again on the heels of Stoker..what is this, the "Deep South Bible Belt Holy Rollers" tour?? Meg was too busy to vote until she was about 46 years old and now she wants your vote so she can be governor...I'd rather have Stoker for governor than she or Poizner...damn straight!
and Dr. Dan Secord is running, actually at 74 he is shuffling, against Janet Wolf...Dr. Dan is a twit and a dabbler and a re-run..that's what a lot of these Repub guys are, re-runs! and how many times during their campaigns will they invoke the name Reagan?
Some guy in Summerland is running against Capps..he's a fearful conservative with Tea Party support!
News-Press Girlie Man of the Day!
well, you got Nipper and Scott but Gabe Saglie wins..Gabe writes the wine tasting fluff in the Food section.. how do you taste wine: open bottle and drink but Gabe has an obsessive compulsive giddiness about it..apparently, if you chew gum, it will ruin your wine tasting experience and one night Gabe forgot to spit out his gum. Then he tells us " it's safe to say that chewing strong mint gum is one of my favorite pastimes." I guess he..I think he..I... I... aarrgghhh!!!!
lastly, I refuse to give anybody any advice unless you pay me $100 and call me Dr!


Anonymous said...

Dr Dan is a tired old elite cabal looking for the irrational teabagger vote. Who knows he just might be successful.

Mick Von Caw said...

yeah! and I wonder how many babies delivered by Dr.Dan grew up to be teabaggers instead of productive citizens!