Saturday, March 18, 2017


this is where we've always been
it will always come again

I got tickets to see Rickie Lee Jones months ago and looked forward to her appearance Friday March 17 at the Arlington Theatre...even though my truck's tranny went all transgender on me, I rented a Toyota Avalon which runs circles around the truck..bitchin car!! so Friday night I was styling into Santa Barbara to see Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux....


got there early to check out the street life and I like this area..used to live here...watched girls walk around...passed a little cafe with sidewalk seats and one guy was yelling at some lady not to take pictures of his dog..the lady told him she wasn't taking pictures of the dog...I don't know who is more neurotic..the designer dogs in this town or their owners...geez how silly can they be?? give the dog a modeling fee then take his pic!!

so the Arlington doors open at 7:00 PM and I rush in and get some popcorn which set me back six bucks!! worth every penny as sit in this beautiful old theatre with comfy seats unlike the Lobero...

Madeleine Peyroux opened the show with her guitar player and stand-up bass player..they were good...volume was real low though and wish they would've busted loose... Madeline was funny and had some really good songs..."Lady Of Pigalle" was cameras allowed so I had to shoot fast and on the run

but I wanted to see Rickie Lee...after a short break, Rickie Lee came onstage to a very adoring crowd..I'd heard stories that her concerts were unpredictable and she would storm off stage at the drop of a hat but nothing even remotely close to that happened..instead we all witnessed Rickie Lee Jones in her finest form...a stellar guitar player and percussionist joined her..and Rickie Lee is a very good guitarist and mind-boggling piano player...and her voice was perfectly beaautiful, reaching those chilling high notes with such ease and passion...

I was entralled as she played beauty after beauty on her acoustic guitar...she was laughing and joking with the audience..she dumped an electric guitar that wouldn't stay in tune and took the mic for some soulful jazz....


then she sits down at the piano and plays a song called 'Infinity' was absolutely gorgeous and had me holding back some salty tears...the interplay with her percussionist was epic!!

Jesus Christ, this woman is a genius and I was so happy to be there in that theatre watching her in such good form and health...she rocked the house and she rocked me..

Rickie Lee Jones rocked me, that's for sure

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