Wednesday, May 3, 2017


she ran calling "Wildfire"

I thought I published this post in June 2016 but it was in "draft" state for some reason..and now that the Sherpa Fire has been deemed an "accident", I will re-post it


so I think about the Sherpa wildfire and the 8000 acres burned...I think about the drought, the dearth of water

so the news is about the fire and the firefighters and the horses being transported to Earl Warren Showgrounds for safety.....enough reason to keep the showgrounds just as it is many important uses for this great landmark..

but when the nativists plant native plants for biodiversity, they ignore Nature..they ignore will burn controlled or wild, but it will burn...and it will burn biodiversity is a pseudo-science

the SB Land Trust recently bought 20 acres on the Carp Bluffs for a reserve which is good..but I'm concerned they will apply the same false science of native-only and start killing beneficial weeds..the SBLT has projects on the Gaviota Coast for habitat restoration from creeks to ag lands with easements....thankfully some of these restorations are small and of no consequence except to make enviro-whackos feel good...and they use kids for the volunteer work..child labor!!

from the site: The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County has protected nearly 23,000 acres of rolling hills, working ranches and farms, watersheds, oak woodlands and coastal bluffs in Santa Barbara County.

The following properties are open to the public. Click on each preserve name to learn more about visiting, hiking and school and community group opportunities. For additional images please visit our image gallery.
Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Gaviota (782 acres)

El Capitan Ranch and Horse Ranch, Gaviota (650 acres)


obviously, these restorations are folly

now how did the Sherpa Fire one knows yet..but there is a ranch back there called Rancho La Sherpa which is owned by a group of Presbytarian churches and run by a nonprofit.. as I've stated before, most churches and nonprofits are run by people who are small-minded and chicken-brained

but La Sherpa ranch holds retreats, has cabins with fireplaces (uh-oh) and all sorts of activites for tourists..but does it have its own fire brigade?

so where did the fire start? at the coast and work its way inland..or inland and work its way to the coast? all those restorations went up in smoke

of course, Nature will restore as she sees fit

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