Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Touch Me

c'mon c'mon now touch me babe

ok well I'm glad that the Santa Barbara school district is doing away with the dog drug sniffing program...totally a stupid waste of time and money instituted by former supe David Cash...never trusted that dude with all the baggage he brought to Santa Barbara from Fresno and now I hear the district has to pay off some kid $180000 for a botched sex assault investigation...David Cash retired during all this which was only reported by the News-Press!! THE NEWS-PRESS!!!

SBUSD pays, apologizes to boy suspended over knife, fondling allegations

April 15, 2017: A sixth-grader suspended after allegedly bringing a knife to school and sticking his hands down the pants of and digitally penetrating another boy, will receive $180,000 from the Santa Barbara Unified School District over claims his rights were violated. The deal, approved Friday by Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Donna Geck, includes an apology from the district and a promise to wipe clean the plaintiff's record. A key aspect of the case is that the parents of the boy apparently speak only Spanish and did not understand the proceedings involving their son. More»

over at Westmont, the Christian college, there's a year old sex scandal and a judge reached a tentative on some of the motions...

John Doe and Jane Roe-Christians


Petitioner is an undergraduate student at Respondent Westmont College. He filed this petition to challenge the discipline which was imposed upon him by Westmont after he had been accused by a fellow student of sexual assault while at an off-campus party.

Both John Doe and Jane Roe were present at an off-campus party on January 15, 2016, attended by 30-40 other students. While John Doe contends that the two were never alone together at the party, at some point Jane told friends that she had sex with John Doe. John Doe denies any sexual encounter with Jane. The petition alleges that after feuding with her friends about the alleged sexual activity with John Doe, Jane told her mother that he had sexually assaulted her at the party. On January 31, 2016, Jane’s mother notified the Title IX Officer that Jane had been the victim of an acquaintance rape at the off-campus party.

Pursuant to Westmont’s policies and procedures, a Title IX investigation of the complaint was conducted by Stu Cleek, the Associate Dean of Residence Life at Westmont. Cleek provided John Doe with notice that Jane Roe had made a complaint alleging that, without her consent, he had touched her vagina and engaged in sexual intercourse with her. He was informed that his behavior fell within the scope of the college’s Policy on Unlawful discrimination and Harassment, and its Sexual Assault, Stalking, Dating and Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures.

During the investigation, John Doe submitted a statement denying there was ever any sexual conduct between him and Jane, and requesting that Mr. Cleek interview specified Westmont students. Mr. Cleek ultimately determined that sufficient evidence existed to warrant a student conduct meeting, and he forwarded the evidence he had collected during his investigation to a Student Conduct Panel for resolution. The panel was comprised of Cleek and two other Westmont College administrators, Liz Robertson, the Resident Director of Van Kampen Hall, and Jason Cha, the Director of Intercultural Programs.

John Doe took and passed a polygraph test, but was told by Mr. Cleek that the Student Conduct Panel does not consider polygraph examination results, which were returned to him "unexamined." A student conduct meeting was scheduled for April 11, 2016, and the investigation report was made available to John Doe for the first time on April 5. John Doe contends that his rights were violated at the hearing. He further contends he was denied disability accommodations during the investigation and adjudication proceedings. A "final meeting" was conducted by the Student Conduct Panel with Jane Roe on May 4, 2016, but there is no record of what was discussed, and John Doe was not permitted to provide any further information to the panel, including two maps which represented discrepancies in Jane’s statements.

On May 13, 2016, John Doe was notified that the Student Conduct Panel had found him responsible for touching Jane’s vagina and engaging in sexual intercourse with her by inserting his finger and penis into her vagina, and determined the appropriate sanction was his immediate evacuation from his residence hall, suspension from the school until Spring 2018, and the meeting of certain conditions upon readmission. Pursuant to Westmont’s policies, John Doe appealed the decision to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students. The appeal was made on grounds that errors were made that were significantly prejudicial to the result, and in light of the errors, the sanctions were so unfair as to demonstrate an abuse of discretion. The appeal was denied.

John Doe filed this petition to challenge the decision, seeking to set aside the findings and sanctions issued against him. Westmont College has answered the petition. The current demurrer and motion to strike were filed by the individual respondents, who include Cleek; Gayle D. Beebe, the President of Westmont College; and Peter Thorrington, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Westmont College.

but I can't recall ANY local news covering this, can you?? not the News-Press, Noozhawk, the Independent....and certainly not EDHAT who have gone missing for 3 days!!

geez, people are like totally touched

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The people who twist, er, I mean report, the news at the News-Mess were too tied up in union talks to even notice! While it's starting to feel like a rerun of a rerun of a rerun of the movie "Groundhog Day," the Mess is (yet again) in more negotiations with the Teamsters. As you may recall, a petition was circulated in summer 2010 to get rid of the union at the paper. Suspiciously, the person who circulated said petition was promoted soon after. A proper vote among all newsroom staff never took place. At any rate, this week, the handful of employees who still work there and haven't yet been fired or tried to commit suicide were summoned to a meeting with a union rep. They were informed that they have a right to unionize and that the Mess can't force them to testify as witnesses in legal proceedings against the paper. In addition, the rep said the paper admitted that they unlawfully terminated former columnist Richard Minneards and former reporter Dennis Moran. Yes, the paper admitted wrongdoing! You know what this means? Hell is, indeed, freezing over! Look out your window, pigs are flying! Or maybe Wendy McCuckoo is so distraught that Trump seems to be on the brink of an impeachment that it altered her sensibilities. Either way, stay tuned...