Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Omen

Wendy, I do it all for youoooooooo!!!

well let's see..Wendy is going to be honored at the La Cumbre Country Club in a week along with sidekick Nipper and the Reverend Andy Caldwell will emcee-hammer the I said this is not an outside group honoring Wendy, this looks to be an inside job..some pals showing up at the country club probably at Wendy's request to honor her..I think she's looking for a break from my constant brow-beating

but I wonder if a helicopter crashing in Hope Ranch at the country club isn't an omen of sorts...a warning...and another possible warning is this red-headed woodpecker atop a church....what's up with that??


I don't know but if I were Wendy or Nipper or Andy, I'd keep my eye on the sky come May 11

it could be a day of infamy

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