Thursday, February 26, 2009

Children! Behave!

the Nanny Blog

good morning readers!
did you say your prayers last night? did anyone have sex last night, too..It better not have been dirty! did you brush your teeth this morning? did you make your bed..are you still living with mommy and daddy? did you do as I say and not as I do? NO? then you shall be SPANKED!! I shan't tolerate such behavior among you people!!

the Nanny State...
Wendy and co at the NewsPress complain that we're living in a nanny state simply because people expose the negative environmental impacts of plastic water bottles, not to mention the marketing fraud of expensive designer water...a nanny state! Can you believe that? This from a woman who won't let her employees read internet blogs, who is pro-censorship, who wants to punish everyone all the time, who thinks that city hall is a day care center, who hired Dr. Laura ..the same Dr. Laura who is anti-choice, anti-single women, anti-free speech and wants to regulate bedroom activities of adults, who's got her nose in EVERYBODY'S business..and on and on...these two NINNIES are the biggest NANNIES in California!!

Your Money or Your Life

I've pointed out all the mistakes the News-Press makes when they publish a paper...wrong story headlines, wrong information, wrong this ampersand wrong that..sometimes they print a correction the next day or whenever they figure out where they messed up..
well, this latest mistake was a doozy..and goes to show you what the priorities are at the New$Pre$$... look at the size of this 1/2 page correction for a bank vs the teeny one-sentence-without an-apology correction for writing the wrong headline for a local fallen soldier!

ampersand one last thing...CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR!!

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