Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hey baby, I'm your handyman..

getting the upper hand...

The News-Press loves to use the word "handmaiden" to try to denigrate people on the enemies list...well, I have to admit I didn't know what a handmaiden was, except perhaps, as a last resort sex partner..a little lipstick, a little baby oil..a picture of Dr. Laura....but that really does not apply here.
so what is a handmaiden? it's a moth; it's a pretty flower; it is a woman servant; a maid that waits at's a job..a working class wonder Wendy uses it to pee on the peon working class!
but really.. what guy wouldn't want a female to serve him... Wendy treated her reporters as peons until they got uppity and rebelled..I can tell you this, if I owned the NewsPress at the time, you girls would have been my willing handservants and not complained at all!
In Ancient Egypt, the role of handmaiden was important to Egyptian religious practices. One of the early gods, Atum, was supposed to have brought the world into being through self-fornication. In subsequent ritual, a priestess would assist the priest in the ceremony, through the use of a carving representing Atum's penis. These female priests were important within the ritual for they assisted in the creation of the world.
so you see, being a handmaiden is a good thing. This is all in reference to the Santa Barbara mayoral race...first of all, Santa Barbara should do what Carpinteria does, rotate mayors..that way, you give the press a moving target..and it's good for the community... but since that's not going to happen in SB, the race will focus on Helene and Iya. That fat dude, Cushman, from the Chamber of Commerce might run, but I doubt it...the guy can barely move and looks a week away from a heart attack! Iya is way too close to the News-Press, they give her free publicity all the time, Salud supports her, but he works for Wendy's paper "El Mexicano" as a these politicians are getting sprinkled with her gold dust...they are not handmaidens, but Wendy's apple polishers..
So who do you want for mayor of Santa Barbara? a politician, a handmaiden, or an apple polisher?
I'd go with the handmaiden..hands down..

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