Friday, February 27, 2009

It's my blog...

I'll do what I want!
anybody got a problem with that??
Wendy? stick it up yer ass! Nipper? stick it up Wendy's ass!
does anybody else think I'm funny? I think I'm funny..I think I'm the funniest guy I know!
ok..what shall we discuss today? how about spreading some rumors!! yeah..I feel like an editor today..

this is what I heard from a tight little bird:
-Wendy and Nipper are breaking up!
-Edhat is merging with Blogabarbara to become Ed and Barbara's Blog..
-Travis Armstrong is an alien turd..
-Rush Limbaugh EXPLODES!!
-area blogs turn off comments moderation as a free speech exercise!!
-Editor Bird at SantaBarbara'sBlog has a crush on Craig Smith. -the Independent has become dependent!
-Summerland's main drag has almost 50 streetlights!
-the Santa Barbara News-Press painted (finally) their front doors!
-Marty Blum and Wendy McCaw are estranged sisters!
-Iya Falcone and Salud Cabajal had a lovechild named Das...
-Helene Schneider says size matters!!!
-Union bosses castrated!! Balls fried and served at Cafe Luck, which just changed their name to Cafe Lick!
-Gina Perry was arrested for turning tricks on Haley Street!
-Brooks Firestone is senile...
-Harriet Miller died eighteen months ago!! I don't know who they had propped up behind Iya!
-City of Santa Barbara services will be privatized thus eliminating the greedy gov't -workforce.City Hall to become a gambling casino!
-Nipper drowned at the Water Tasting Contest!
there..that should do it! have a real nice weekend....


You forgot one said...

-Mick has seen the error of his ways and given up blondes.

Mick said...

-you're right..I've come to the sorrowful conclusion that blondes are nanga dankwads..I hope one or two or three of you non-blondes can ease my pain..