Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Onions...


Since Nipper is away at a Water Tasting Symposium, I thought I'd have some fun with his website..seems a young lady named Huyen has a problem..she is seeking advice from the Nipperite foodies..actually, her boyfriend has a problem..diverticulitis, which simply means he farts too much and blames it on onions and garlic! Face it make him nervous, his tummy is all in knots... he's not man enough for you..if you want my advice..dump him and come to Mick..I like onions and I could go for a little Asian action, if you know what I mean....
why not buy him a handy new soap gift from store..cheer him up a little!!
the issues:
says Huyen:
Hi guys,
Quick question for you: My boyfriend, 26, was diagnosed with diverticulitis this past summer which effects the GI tract system..and has since become allergic to the onions/garlic family!! This is very tragic for the both of us, since that is pratically my staple base for ALL of my dishes, most curries/soups/stews/stir fry, etc.. I've heard "hing", an Indian herb is potent and a nice subsitute..but do you have any other reccomendations or ideas? Herbs, veggies..anything..Your thoughts are very much appreciated :)
says: SBbulldog
Huyen, take it easy, baby. Your young man is, I'm sure, a vital, otherwise healthy, guy and this may just be an early warning sign. I'm sure that you've read up on all the details. It looks to me that first, you stabilize through dietary changes, then adapt to a sustainable plan.
Take it one step at a time and don't assume that you both have to eat the same things all the time. Get your man well, and see where you need to go.
Water, liquids, fiber, all the right stuff and then deal with the specifics.
Good luck, you are a sweetheart to be thinking about taking care of him.
Ms. B is allergic to shellfish. I love it, but I don't need it. I get it when I want and sometimes she even prepares it for me. Adapt and thrive.
de gustibus non est disputandum
says ccuisine Bon Vivant:
What about using ginger, or fennel? Celery? Elephant garlic is alot less potent- would that matter or it is ABSOLUTELY no onions garlic?
Good luck with that...
says simplyhuyen :
I know I can always count on you two! We know uncooked onions most definitely, and skeptical about the garlic, but will probably test that theory in a few weeks by incorporating small cooked portions bits at a time. Right now, he's pretty weary so we want to take it easy.
Elephant garlic, can that be found at our local farmer's market? I will ask around tomorrow..and excited to see where this leads with new found herbs, spices and discover alternative ways to creating dishes, and playing w/the combo of flavors. I do use fresh lemon grass, ginger, tamarind, dill, fennel on a regular will just be strange without the 5 cloves of garlic and the onion parade to get it all started..but it's not so uncommon, and I'm definitely open to adapting and learning to become more health consciously educated.
Onward and forward!

Confucius say: Woman who cooks beans and peas in same pot very unsanitary.

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