Tuesday, February 24, 2009


unplanned obsolescence....

Wendy posed a dumb-as-usual question...what would happen if all the daily newspapers shut down their websites for a day or a week? Well, nothing Wendy..it's not gonna happen so you can try to prove a lame point..what would happen if I went out and shot a whale? see? kinda the same lameness....
then she concludes that all the bloggers would have to "steal the news" from somewhere else..and she uses this argument to justify charging for both the newspaper and internet access to the NewsPress..double dipping. She says she's a genuis because she charged for the online subscription while other newspapers were offering free access.. she cites a story she stole from the Poytner Institute, instead of doing her own research..which she criticizes bloggers for doing...Wendy..you have NO CREDIBILITY!!
says Wendy:
"Most of my adult life I’ve been involved with advanced forms of communications technology like wireless-telephone and satellite systems," she said. ( i.e., she divorced a cell phone billionaire and got a huge settlement) "I’m looking forward to working with the News-Press management team in further improving this newspaper, as well as finding ways to apply technology to this important form of communication." that was in 2000! The News-Press, which had a daily circulation of 45,300 copies, was the oldest newspaper in southern California. It published its first issue in 1855. In 1999 revenues of the News-Press totaled approximately $30 million. It was acquired by The New York Times Company in 1985. If the revenues were 30 million in 1999, she probably paid around 130 million for the paper in 2000..I bet it is worth about 2 million now..good job, babe!
Wendy..you're a dumbass and that's why your business is failing, that's why you shut down Goleta Valley Voice and that's why advertising revenues are down..'cos you're a dumbass! Your paper takes stories from the Associated Press and reprints them..so what...on line papers/blogs provide links all the time, thus increasing traffic to the other site..it's a symbiotic relationship..if you are going to charge money to access your site, you need to offer more than the paper offers..you bought into an industry that had obsolete written all over it...NewsPapers don't have the clout or power they used to..
check out CNN, Huffington Post, Drudge or Ventura County Star to see how online is done right..check out newspress.com to see a bad attempt at an online news business..remember, that's the one you own!
Dr. Laura used to steal stories all the time and repackage them with her own twisted psychotic ramblings..didn't you notice? SHE USED TO BE ON PAGE 2, but quit in an Operation Family Fund scandal..
Now, you can bitch and moan all you want but the internet isn't going away...free speech will not go away...these are concepts you can't buy, and that frustrates you...you can't control it and, being a control freak, this scares you....my site, SANTABARBARANEWSPRESSBLOG.COM like I said in an earlier post, is always for sale..100 large if you're interested...until then, quit your babbling and go with the flow...you can't put a price on everything...esp if it is worthless...

Speaking of Worthless..congrats to Nipper for earning the "Pointless Competition of the Week" award from Rachel Maddow's Show..it got a "really weak" rating.

How refreshing!

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