Tuesday, December 20, 2016


And useless in times like these I will not be made useless  

so I'm going in 'n out of consciousness from the devil bacteria and copious doses of penicillin..designed to kill the bacteria, the drug also seems to be killing my conscience..which only increases my psychosis...and I'm watching alot of TV....WTF is Jewel doing on that homesteader Alaska show?? last time I saw Jewel, she was roasting Rob Lowe!! but she's a pretty good singer and damn fine looking and Ot Lee's daughter???

anyway, I can't tell day from night or whether I'm black or white...people now resemble sea creatures...whatever I got is something I wouldn't wish on even Wendy!

but I can finally  see the light at the end of the tunnel...I'm rebounding vs the bacteria fuck the bacteria!!

I read the Sunday's News-Press and Preacher Andy is gabbing about California's regulations again..need I remind this quack that California's econony is the 8th largest in the world....that's why we'll never go Republican because the righties will turn Big Sur into The Big Gulp Water Park


then I see the Sunday ad section and at Big Five they got these little animal blankets the gals can wear on cold nights

cute..I think chicks should be sporting these for Christmas

really sexy..really naughty..really nice..really handy

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