Friday, December 9, 2016

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head

Kelly Anne wanna tell me she's not transgender??

I went to McDonald's in Carp for an Egg McMuffin...I saw a very pretty girl whose smile made my day and we almost touched but she had a husky voice....but the Carp McDonald's has good service, it's a clean store...I got no problem increasing the minimum wage for these folks who are developing a work ethic early on..good for them!

so when I heard Trump wants the CEO of Carl's Jr to head the Dept Of Labor, I almost screamed..Andy "the Putz" Puzder for Labor Secretary...I recall Puzder leaving California for Nashville to get gov't subsidies and get away from California reality, Carl's was not competing well with other fast food joints so Puz made up a bunch of malarky instead of blaming his management style..then he starts advertising hamburgers with scantily dressed girls eating them like they are performing a blow job...


Puzder set himself up with a huge salary, big enough to buy a mansion in Montecito while pissing on the restaurant workers... this pick by Trump is a disaster as he will soon see..Puzder is an imbecile

so General Trump must be picking his Cabinet via the Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" we got an old military guy, James "Mad Dog" Mattis and long since retired, heading up the Secretary Of Defense..Trump says he's the closest thing to Gen Patton he could are we gonna start WWII in January 2017??

then he's got Ben Carson as Housing and Urban secretary..Ben's a doctor, not an urban planner and remember he tried to kill his mother with a hammer!

retired General David Petraeus is being considered for Sec of State..but he's on probation for giving up classified info to his girlfriend/mistress! on probation!!

I saw a picture on Pearl Harbor Day with Eisenhower, FDR and Truman sitting together..a finer trio of American leaders you won't find

but with Trump, it's all for show...


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