Saturday, December 31, 2016

Help Me Rhonda

help me get her out of my heart

Ronda Rousey likes to get beat up, apparently..I'd get into a ring with her, knock her out in 48 secs and then knock her up.. have sex with's my New Year's Wish!!

knock her out, knock her up!
the local publications have the Year End reviews and as I was looking at the Montecito Journal cover, I noticed it was all white blacks...I know there's at least one famous black lady who lives in Montecto and that's Oprah...and what about Tratoria Mollie? is she black or just a good cook?

I know I won't see Snoop Dog and MJ publisher Jim Buckley hanging out at Starbuck's, and you won't see a black person walking their dog on Coast Village Road but Montecito never used to be so self-conscious or racist....the MJ rag is conservative to the point of absurdity and seems to be trying to protect the insulated whites from the harsh realities of a black world

I can poke fun at this magazine all day and it's really hard to take it seriously..they often repeat themselves with stories about society parties with the same old billionaires and hangers-on..I know all about these people and they are soooo phony and pretentious like leeches...

social gossip from that pompous English dude who always appears on the front page of the News-Press serving dinner at the Rescue Mission at Christmas...make that who care what Rob Lowe is up to nowadays

there's two classes in Montecito now..the super rich and those who take care of their dogs..there's no Mr. In-Between...writing stories about the wealthy won't make you one of them if that's your'll always be their dog-walker...along a Disneyfied Channel Drive


so in 2017, I'll expect more of the same from the Montecito Journal and know full well that the old Montecito is still there..just walk down Humphrey Road or drive up Ashley Rd.and thank God for Mountain Drive where we listened to Hendrix as kids in the 1960s..and Motown was filling the air waves with honey from the Supremes to the Chiffons....the Chambers Bros were doing the crazy brilliant "Time Has Come Today" and Can't Turn you Loose"
Montecito was much wilder and friendlier back then..working class American families having a blast with each other...

the Montecito Journal will never even know about that because it caters to the fluff..and trust funders

Beware Montecito, you have lost your 99% of your soul

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