Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hey Carrie-Anne

Hey, Carrie Anne Hey, Carrie Anne When we were at school, our games were simple I played a janitor, you played a monitor Then you played with older boys and prefects, what's the attraction?

It's December..not deep and dark but sunny and warm....drought you know...but the nights are cold.. I need a Christmas tree! I want a Christmas tree! but what I want does not matter anymore so I take what I can get

now as I read the Independent I see some fighting between the News-Press and Indie....that's good...Nick thinks Scott makes up stories and yes of course he does...but if Trump and Wendy team up, they will dumb down everybody within earshot....then America will be up for grabs...remember Wendy doesn't want to report the news, she wants to control the news

but fuck Wendy.... I see Graham Nash will be at the Lobero in April so I got my tickets... a chance to see Graham at the Lobero should not be missed...Nash is a legend, an icon and in the middle of everything musical...a photographer as well... I loved the Hollies and when Graham joined forces with Crosby and Stills, their music got a little more interesting...the songs were top notch and the voices were lovely..that first album had me hooked- mixing the Buffalo Springfield, Byrds and Hollies was genius

then Graham's first solo LP "Songs For Beginners" with Rita Coolidge and Dave Mason helping out...great LP but one song, "I Used To Be A King" was so good..Jerry Garcia giving the best steel guitar performance I've ever heard, Phil Lesh on bass and Graham's soulful vocals....fantastic!!!

so I got my tree..a cool salt cedar but downtown SB is a little hard to navigate with all the one-ways and distractions on the corners like homeless guys fighting, little old ladies walking their dogs, tall buildings like the Alchemy Center...the Alchemy Center???

there's shadows and pretty Asian gals everywhere..where the fuck am I??

I'll let ya know when I find out

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