Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo


so I thought I had the flu but became suspicious when my treatments didn't work...plus the flu I thought I had brought no fever or chills...but I still had trouble breathing through my nose, like is there concrete all around or is it in my head and when I sleep I like to breathe thru the nose, so I couldn't sleep much...I tried the usual drugs but they don't work on sinusitis...actually they made matters worse...for comfort, I watched movies like 'Dances With Wolves'... and the 'Burbs' ..and the Wizard Of Oz....and turned all the lights off but got scared so I turned them all on...I thought I was fucking gonna die..two weeks before Christmas!!

I tried prayer but you can't wave a bible over your nose and expect to be cured...it's illogical

so after the second sleepless night, I went to the Carp clinic and the doctor started me on the road to recovery...he said I had 'acute maxillary sinusitis' and I surely did and ran to the pharmacy for some FLONASE and a prescription antibiotic if needed down the road

doctors are educated and I'm not a doctor so I needed a proper diagnosis and I'm a little wiser now..
a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders 
and now I breathe through my nose again in concert with my mouth....and sleep..I can sleep... glorious sleep

and nasal douches are good....ladies got their douches, and I got mine

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