Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA

it's a zippity doo-dah day

now I always look forward to Wendy McCuckoo's New Year's Day lecture to her readers...and this year, she finally gots a Republican president in the White House come January 20th and she sounds like the happiest girl in the whole USA!! hey Wen, how 'bout an up-to-date pic of you?? I had hoped to see some growth and change from Wendy, but she's stuck in the same old rut..and why is Trump suggling up with serial killer Putin???

it took two terms of Obama/Biden to clean up George Bush's multiple messes from the war invasions to the stock market crash and by God Obama did a good job...Obamacare was a bust but so is health insurance in general..when I had health insurance, they raised the premiums all the time because it's a for-profit for the stockholders I pay cash for medical stuff and will get insurance when and if it becomes something I's just crazy to pay $500/month for health insurance!! the churches and other wealthy nonprofits should pick up the tab for the difference...

ok so I went out and it's a beautiful Sunday New Year's morning..cold and sunny..the recent rains have turned everything green..the pastures and the hills..I can smell the flowers and the coming Spring..the promise of Spring.....

I get home and read Wendy's words of wisdom and she says Obama hates America as much as Trump loves it rational person would say something this stupid....and she gushes because Sprint is moving jobs to the USA...huh? the cellular jobs thing is a PR move as these tech jobs are not blue collar and come and go and every cell phone is made in China anyway!! haha..Wendy you sure are ignorant and the more I read her article, the more I felt sorry for her...this gal got rich because of a divorce..what kind of law would allow that?? the California Community Property Law? that's a law that needs to be thrown out but Wendy is worried about sanctuary cities!! as I've pointed out before, if a city has a church, it's a sanctuary city as churches have provided sanctuary forever and they don't even pay taxes!!

the point is Wendy has never actually done anything in her life of her own work ethic, no moral code and on and on...

she's a parasite, a bloodsucker, a freeloader, a free rider, a hanger-on, a moocher, a leech, a sponge..she's basically a dog tick...  thus her words in her little column in the News-Press every New Year's Day ring very, very hollow

but I hearby confer upon her an honorary degree from Trump University

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